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Fitting Room Video From H&M Store Malaysia, Full Fitting Room Viral CCTV Footage!

Stores often post about their stores and people trust them blindly online.It’s also seen in many counties and localities where people with locker rooms in stores have cameras through them [email protected] Shots of their customers changing clothes. There is no doubt that female shoppers are targeted in this instance and are traumatized by the way the store owners target them.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Fitting room video from H&M store in Malaysia

This was the case in Malaysia, where shoppers were shocked to see cameras in changing rooms and photos circulating online of girls changing clothes. Stay tuned as we detail news from Malaysia. A woman has been recorded in a changing room without her consent at a store in Malaysia. Apparently the owners used cameras in their changing room and they recorded the woman changing her clothes.

The store was in trouble when a woman discovered it used a camera to click inappropriate photos of girls or women changing in changing rooms and posted them online. The woman who found the photos online reported the incident, and the post and the incident went viral on social media platforms, and soon it spread across Malaysia as well. After the photos and incidents were posted on the Internet, the Internet was also flooded with messages and hate speech.

Full fitting room viral CCTV footage

And many people who visited the store have also come forward. This store is an H and M store in Malaysia. The store was clicking pictures of girls and women, and it was also posted online on inappropriate websites. The woman, who goes by the Twitter account Meleisgw, mentioned online that she found the images online on the MeWe app because the videos were advertised on the app. She mentioned that the videos were bought online, and women who didn’t know about it came to the store to change.

The news spread like an uproar, and the news was eventually reported. People who have been to the store have come forward online, as have those who have seen the video. The woman, melesigw, mentioned that the store used inappropriate videos of women on the dark side of the app, which were promoted online. The woman who reported the issue shared screenshots of the videos online, while noting that the videos were apparently shot from an angle where the woman couldn’t see the camera. Incidents like this are shameful and have been reported many times online.

The store, which was subsequently questioned by the Malaysian police, issued a statement expressing its apology and apology for the inconvenience caused by the store. They added that the police were investigating the case and would soon find who was behind the incident. The store also expressed its expectation to solve the case, and the store is also being inspected by the police. There was chaos on the internet as big names like H and M were involved and shopkeepers were unaware that cameras in the dressing room were being mentioned.

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