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For the Deep State, Trump Was Never President – Brospar Daily News

Christopher Roach

something strange happened afterwards Trying to justify a search of Donald Trump’s home. At first we were told he stole US nuclear secrets, including Ranking riddle He sold them to the highest bidder. The magistrate who had authorized the search warrant then ordered the release of a Highly Amended Affidavit of Support.

The affidavit did not mention nuclear secrets, nor did it specify the documents sought; instead, he indicated that the whole incident stemmed from Quarrel with the National Archivesthe equivalent of an outdated library book.

When the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, they apparently took everything, including personal items, passports and a host of sensitive documents protected by solicitor-client privilege. In a separate lawsuit filed by Trump, another federal judge appointed a special director to review the seized documents. The decision implicitly acknowledges that Trump’s claims to executive privilege may carry some weight.

After that, the leak changed. The whistleblower dropped the bullshit about US nuclear secrets and instead said that Trump had a report on the nuclear capabilities of an unknown country.

As Schrödinger’s catthe documents seized have two destinies at the same time. If they are so secretive that they demonstrate an unprecedented imposition on the former president, they are also perfectly suited to be leaked and discussed on the pages of The New York Times. Washington Post.

It can be recalled that under the Obama administration, the administration cracked down on leaks, including Subpoena phone records and other documents Reporting by journalists whose reporting involves access to classified information. Here, there is no substantial effort to identify the lessor. the one who is with Washington Post Most likely someone very tall and who fled with the blessing of the White House.

Russiagate precedent shows it’s just excuses

Because of the leaks and their previous record, it’s hard to take the critics and their alleged national security concerns seriously. For years they have been telling us that another pair of shoes will fall at Russiagate. The dark clouds created by these investigations have hurt Trump and the country for more than half of his term. But it turns out that these surveys are based on make up completely.

There is no evidence that Russia colluded or leaked information about Trump. To make matters worse, FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller knew early on that the Steele dossier was full of lies concocted by Hillary’s campaign, but they kept that information private. These sensational stories serve as the pretext for an entertaining and defamatory two-year investigation into the president.

Biden and partisan Democrats support the legitimacy of the recent raid, but the public reaction, Raid Support Files Does not match the severity originally reported.

After all, Trump can share, use, or decipher anything he wants in any way he wants as president. During his tenure, he knew nothing of the most sensitive secrets imaginable. Whatever he learned then, he still knows today. Equally important, he is still a former president, legally allowed For personnel, secret service protection and national security briefing.

illegal from the start

Trump is a habitual enemy with a unique style of ordinary people who hate him because of it. Members of the executive, whose powers are borrowed from the president, who imagine themselves to be Constitutional checks and balancesonly responsible for Hive Minds in Washington, DC

At first they said he “stole the 2016 election” through “Russian collusion”. Once he took office, they saw him as an intruder and continued to thwart him in the name of the ideology of moderation, government career and working people. Remember Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Vindman’s hymn to “interdepartmental processes”. During his presidency, military subordinates Cheat Trump and sabotaged his plan, the civil bureaucracy Be the virtue of #TheResistance, For most of his tenure, he was plagued by FBI investigations and intelligence agency intrigue.

The attitudes of unelected administrations toward Trump and Biden are the opposite. General Mark Milleyused to take pictures“As Trump visited Lafayette Square, which was marred by riots. Today, Milley had no problem flanking Joe Biden with two Marines during an extremely partisan speech last week.

That is why it was established lost Judge Aileen M. Cannon ruled that special master. While critics see her as a partisan whose decisions lack justification, their real complaint is that Cannon sees Trump as a regular ex-president.

Therefore, the Special Master’s exam will focus not only on legal privilege, but also on executive privilege. Decide Citing relevant Supreme Court case law, which contradicts the Biden administration’s dangerous claim that it has the right to waive the executive privileges of its predecessor. Ultimately, she undermined the Justice Department’s plan to become the “fox guarding the chicken coop” by having Justice Department staff review material protected by solicitor-client privilege and the executive.

If the military, the Justice Department, and the Deep State didn’t see Trump as President while in office, they certainly wouldn’t respect him as a former President today. The current persecution of Trump is aimed at preventing him from becoming president again. Like the persecution he suffered during his presidency, the process was distracting and costly, and whatever the outcome, it was designed to embarrass and humiliate him.

If Trump is arrested – which I think is increasingly likely after Biden’s speech last week – they want to use the sight of an arrest as an additional basis to prevent his re-election in 2024. They will also use the backlash of anger from his supporters, as well as any excesses, to further demonize and suppress the “MAGA Republicans”.

The way the Deep State, the media, and the current President are treating Trump shows that all of the divine rhetoric about Our Democracy™ is an excuse and a lie. For four years they broke every rule in the book so as not to let the people choose to rule. Today they are breaking all the rules to prevent him from being president again. the opposite democracy.

– – –

Christopher Roach is an associate fellow at the Center for American Greatness and an attorney in private practice in Florida. A dual-degree graduate from the University of Chicago, he has previously been published by The Federalist, Takimag, The Chronicle, The Washington Law Foundation, Marine Corps Gazette, and Orlando Sentinel. The views presented are entirely his own.
Photo “Donald Trump” by Trump White House Archives.

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