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Former Afghan MP MURSAL NABIZADA Shot Dead In Kabul, Who Killed Her? Suspect Name Revealed!

Good afternoon everyone, Law and order in Afghanistan has not improved since the formation of the Taliban. Women are suffering, they are being forced to give up their right to education. Very sad news has started to appear on the internet about the shooting and brutal beheading of former Afghan congresswoman Mursal Nabizada. Her bodyguard was also shot dead as she was staying quietly at her home in the capital, Kabul. Since the Taliban came to power on August 21st.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest news! ! ! !

Mursal Nabizada shot dead in Kabul

Things are going downhill with the withdrawal of US troops. No international organization has been able to stop this and the people of the country have been suffering. The incident happened around 3am on Saturday when there was a security bridge on the third floor and security guards were living in the building out of fear. At that moment, even her own security guards were stealing money and jewelry. She was elected as a representative in 2019 and she was in the defense commission.

Who Killed Mursal Nabizada?

Worked in the government human resource development and research department. There have been no messages of sympathy from the government, and some conspiracy theories have suggested that government officials took the action. Women are rapidly disenfranchised in this country, and they have become disadvantaged. In the meantime, you would like to express our deepest apologies and sympathies to her family, may her soul rest in peace.

Who is Mursal Nabizada?

She does a great job for women and she is a very knowledgeable member of the community. Police inspectors said an investigation had begun and if they were able to gather enough evidence they would respond to all possible circumstances in the coming days. She is really fearless, and even after taking over the country, she stays true to her duty and always works for the good of the society.

Tensions are rising between Afghanistan and Pakistan, as Afghanistan already controls some parts of the neighboring country and their militaries are hostile to each other. She is 32 years old and represents her own region of birth, and she has always been a very bright student, studying politics and history at university, which gave her the opportunity to do something for society. This created a lot of instability in the west. We’ll be back with more updates, then read on for the article on our website.

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