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Former Premier League referee Peter Walton says penalty decision against Lisandro Martinez was incorrect

Former Premier League referee Peter Walton has said Real Sociedad’s decision last night to award a penalty against Manchester United was incorrect.

A penalty was awarded when Lisandro Martinez shot into the box.

The ball hit the defender’s knee and bounced into his arm.

VAR failed to overturn the referee’s decision and United lost 1-0.

“It was never a penalty,” Walton said on time.

“The question here is whether it was an intentional handball. The law said that if the ball was transferred from any part of a player’s body into his hands, it could not be considered intentional. .

“But the law was overhauled last year so if that happens the referee can rule the handball was intentional. That’s what the referee and VAR had to decide last night but I’m not completely agree with them.

“Lisandro Martinez didn’t use the ball on purpose, it’s not a penalty.”

Journalist Henry Winter agreed, saying: “He’s looking the other way and his arms aren’t in an unnatural position with defenders making this playbook situation.

“After all the talk about how UEFA could implement VAR better than the PGMOL officials, I saw Italian referee Marco Di Bello pointing the finger and letting VAR’s Massimiliano Ira Massimiliano Irrati agree , it’s frustrating and counter-logical.

“To make matters worse, Martinez was cautioned and then Bres Mendes calmly kicked the penalty past David de Gea.”

It was a crucial decision in a tense match with few chances on either side.

United had a Cristiano Ronaldo goal ruled out for offside and Jadon Sancho completely missed the ball from close range, leaving United goalless.

The penalty also marked the company’s first goal in five attempts against Manchester United.

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