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Former San Diego Police Officer Shot & Killed In Lake Elsinore, Who Is The Suspect?

We’re getting information about a shooting that took place during a standoff with a suspect this afternoon at a lakeland village residence that’s getting a lot of attention so be sure to read this post to the end because we’re here to tell you Update on ex-dispatch officer Diego shot in Southern California. It has been controversial because he was killed just two weeks after another deputy was killed in the line of duty.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Ex-San Diego police officer shot dead

The investigation is still ongoing and the suspect is now in custody and is in critical condition following a shootout with the second deputy. He was shot and killed in Lake City and was immediately transferred to hospital but is now in a serious condition and has since succumbed. Police have been supporting him and his family so they can pull through.

Ex-San Diego police officer shot dead in Lake Elsinore

This is very devastating news as Lieutenant Calhoun was killed in the line of deputies and his death was confirmed on social media platforms, from this point of view we cannot get much more about the surroundings through initial contact information, but we know the second lieutenant is on his way, and the lieutenant is found on the street.

Who is the suspect?

There was a very violent fight and what was said to be a shootout between the suspect and the deputy. The suspect was shot dead by the second deputy and he is now in a critical condition at a nearby local hospital. Calhoun joined the department in February 2022 because of his earlier stint with the San Diego Police Department.

The incident has generated a lot of controversy and has been marked as the second fatal shooting in the last two weeks, we know this is a difficult time for his family but we want to offer them peace and privacy, So that they can face the bad days that are coming, send all the love and support to the family so that they can overcome the difficulties, may his soul rest in peace.

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