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Frances Tiafoe Twin Brother Franklin Tiafoe, Meet Tennis Star Parents

Professional tennis player Frances Tiafoe from the United States has a tennis twin named Franklin Tiafoe.

Francis Tiafo’s twin brother, Franklin Tiafo, like many others, has been spotted following in his brother’s footsteps.

Tiafoe caused an uproar in the tennis world after his surprise victory over Gregor Dimitrov and Kevin Anderson at the Australian Open.

Francis Tiafoe’s coach, Wayne Ferreira, led him to the round of 16 at the U.S. Open, where he defeated Rafael Nadal.

Tiafoe won his first and only ATP title at the 2018 Delray Beach Open, becoming the youngest American since Andy Roddick in 2002.

Frances Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe

A little knowledge about Francis Tiafoe:

real name Frances Tiafoe Jr.
age twenty four
date of birth January 20, 1998
Country of Citizenship American
high 6 feet 2 inches
Instagram @bigfoe1998

Francis Tiaver’s identical twin, Franklin Tiaver, played tennis and worked hard to become famous.

He has played in several ITF professional games. Franklin, who never played at the same level as his brother Francis, played tennis at DeMartha Catholic High School and later at Salisbury University.

They have a wonderful bond and are very supportive of each other. Franklin described Francis as a child who was very attentive and knew how to block outside distractions. Franklin, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. He’s a wild kid who often gets himself into trouble.

Although his brother Francis became a professional athlete, Franklin never had a regular coaching relationship. Instead, he will train alone. He still wants to play professional tennis, but he feels no one takes him seriously because he has a reputation as a troublemaker.

With the help of one of his closest friends, Kenneth Downing, Franklin took control of his game by staying up late on the court and spiking. He still works out in the gym at night.

When the brothers were sophomores, JTCC member and close family friend Bob Larson gave Franklin Tiafoe a place on the DeMatha Catholic High School team.

Tennis star is son of Sierra Leonean immigrants

Frances Tiafoe, the son of Sierra Leonean immigrants, is a professional tennis player. His father was the maintenance director for the Junior Tennis Championship Center (JTCC), the USTA Regional Training Center in Maryland, where he grew up.

Frances Tiafoe Sr. and Alphina Kamara left their country’s civil war in 1993 and immigrated to the United States.

In 1999, his father started a temporary job in College Park, Maryland, building the Junior Tennis Championship Center. When the center was ready, he was given a vacant office to live in and was selected as the center’s site administrator.

For the next 11 years, Francis and Franklin visited their father in the hospital five days a week. They started playing tennis regularly from the age of four, taking advantage of the conditions at home. They live with their mother, who doesn’t work the night shift as a nurse.

Frances’ father arranges training at JTCC

At the age of five, their father arranged for Francis Tiafoe and his brother Franklin to start training at JTCC without paying the normal tuition fees.

When Tiafoe was 8, Misha Kouznetsov started training him at the center because he was delighted with his work ethic and passion for the sport.

Kouznetsov helped Tiafoe advance through the younger ranks by helping him secure tournament sponsorships. He continued with Tiafoe for nine years until he was transferred to the USTA National Training Center in Boca Raton, Florida.

Francis’ younger brother Franklin stayed in Maryland and went to Salisbury University. During high school, Franklin played tennis at DeMartha Catholic High School.

Tennis player often posts about his family on social media

Francis thanked his family for their sacrifices. In his social media posts, he constantly discusses the value of family, especially how much they have helped him on his path to becoming a professional tennis player.

Francis’ parents sacrificed a lot for them. His mother worked as a double-shift nurse, while his father was a maintenance worker living in University Park. Later, they went to America so he could further develop his career.

He asserts that his views have changed as a result of learning more about his parents’ hometown of Sierra Leone. After a string of losses in 2018, Tiafoe returned to practice at the Junior Tennis Center. He later commented, “You can’t forget your roots.”

The Tennis Player’s Relationship with Ayan Broomfield

Ayan Broomfield and Frances Tiafoe are romantically involved. Ayan plays tennis for the Clemson University-UCLA Bears.

Ayan Broomfield and Frances Tiafoe announced their romance in 2018. Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, the pair gained huge popularity after teaming up with other tennis players on a film to raise awareness of racial abuse.

Tennis player Vickie Duval introduces them to each other. Born on August 13, 1997, Ayan rose to the sixth-highest singles position in the world in 2015.

She earned a wild card at the 2014 Coupe Banque Nationale doubles event and used it to make it to the WTA Tour.

Her career achievements include winning two ITF Tag Team Championships and rising to No. 467 in the World Tag Team Ranking.

2022 US Open Faces Tiafoe reaches quarterfinals

Frances Tiafoe beat Rafael Nadal to reach the quarterfinals of the US Open, an important step in realizing his enormous potential.

For the first time this year, Francis defeated Rafael Nadal in a Grand Slam match in front of a raucous crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Also, Nadal withdrew from a Grand Slam before the quarterfinals, the first time since Wimbledon in 2017.

Tiafoe won the last two games of the second set with an uncontested serve and two excellent forehands.

Tiafoe won their first match at the 2021 U.S. Open, but Rublev tied the game with a victory at Indian Wells earlier this year.

Tennis star wins International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Championship

Tiafoe amassed enough worthy junior titles to climb to No. 2 in the ITF junior rankings. His third-year accomplishments and special circumstances brought him national attention before he even became a professional player.

At the age of 14, Tiafoe took first place in the big international competition at Les Petits As in France. He became the youngest player to win the Orange Bowl, one of the most important A-level events on the ITF Junior Tour the following December.

Thanks to these two major victories, the tennis player entered the 2014 French Open as the top seed, although he was defeated in the second round. At 17, Tiafoe ended his junior career by winning the USTA Junior National Championships.

He defeated Stefan Kozlov in the championship, winning the first two and fifth sets. The win earned him a wild card into the main draw at the 2015 U.S. Open.

Francis Tiafoe's brother Franklin also plays tennis

Francis Tiafoe’s brother Franklin also plays tennis

Investigating the Net Worth of Tennis Players

According to Sportslumo, Francis Tiafoe has a net worth of $6 million. Tiafoe is a tennis player known for his infectious enthusiasm and engaging game.

Through his diligence and hard work, he has earned the respect of his peers. He is also widely praised for his NBA-style victory celebrations.

Tiafoe won the Boys 18 at the 2013 Orange Bowl. He thus became the youngest race winner in its 67-year history.

Tiafoe has embraced his status as one of the few African-Americans to play on the ATP Tour and has become a possible role model for young people.

Frances Tiafoe bonus

year bonus
2022 137,040
2021 1,295,951
2020 546,000
2019 1,375,737


At the beginning of his career, Tiafoe’s jersey sponsor was Adidas, but he has been with Nike since 2016, and Yonex is his racket sponsor. In 2019 and 2020, he was named a brand ambassador for Nestlé and high-end watchmaker Tag Heuer, respectively.

charity events

Tiafoe is affiliated with several civic groups. Tiafoe and his girlfriend launched a “put down the racket, put your hands up” social media campaign in 2020 in response to heightened racial tensions over police violence. Additionally, he has assisted in relief efforts related to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Frances Thiaf Bio

Frances Tiafoe Jr., American tennis player, born on January 20, 1998. As of August 8, 2022, Tiafoe is ranked number one in the world. 24 singles by the Tennis Professionals Association (ATP) and no. As of November 1, 2021, doubles is ranked 160th. At the 2018 Delray Beach Open, Tiafoe won his first and only ATP title, making him the youngest American since Andy Roddick in 2002.

Tiafoe, a USTA regional training facility in Maryland and the son of a Sierra Leonean immigrant, grew up at the Junior Tennis Championship Center (JTCC), where his father worked as a maintenance supervisor. He is widely regarded as having a good chance of becoming one of the next American tennis stars due to his extraordinary background and achievements in his youth. Tiafoe was the youngest men’s singles champion ever at the event in 2013, winning the Orange Bowl at the age of 15. He entered the French Open main draw at 17, making him the youngest player in the country since Michael Chang in 1989. He won the U.S. Junior National Championship at a young age and has also enjoyed success on the ATP Challenger Tour, where he reached nine finals and won four titles.

In the ATP rankings, Tiafoe broke into the top 100 for the first time in 2016. He made it all the way to the quarter-finals of the 2019 Australian Open. He defeated No. 2 seed Rafael Nadal and No. 14 seed Diego Schwarzman to advance to the quarterfinals of the 2022 US Open.

Country (Sports) U.S.
Residential United StatesFloridaOrlando
born January 20, 1998 (24 years old)
Hyattsville, Maryland, United States
high 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
change career 2015
drama Right hand (two-handed backhand)
coach Wayne Ferreira
bonus $6,162,700

Early life and background

On January 20, 1998, immigrants from Sierra Leone, Constant (also known as Frances Sr.) Tiafoe and Alphina Kamara welcomed twins Frances and Franklin into the world in Maryland. His parents fled to the United States in 1996 to escape the country’s civil war. His father started in 1999 as a temporary worker on the construction of the Junior Tennis Championship Center at the University of Maryland in Parker. He was given a vacant office at the center and was hired as a site janitor after the building was completed. For the next 11 years, Francis and Franklin spent five days a week at the center with their father. Taking advantage of their living conditions, they started playing tennis regularly at the age of 4. When their mother was not working the night shift as a nurse, they stayed with her.

At the age of 5, Tiafoe and his brother’s father arranged for them to start training at JTCC without paying regular tuition fees. Misha Kouznetsov started teaching Tiafoe in midfield at the age of 8, having impressed him with his work ethic and passion for the game. Kouznetsov helped Tiafoe secure tournament sponsorship as he progresses through the youth ranks. He continued to train Tiafoe for nine years before he moved to the USTA National Training Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Francis’ brother Franklin stayed in Maryland and attended Salisbury University after playing tennis at DeMartha Catholic High School in high school.

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