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Game day ticket issue now resolved at OU and OSU campus’s – Brospar Daily News

NORMAN, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Many universities across the country are experiencing technical difficulties with their Oklahoma ticketing systems. That’s because of issues with Paciolan, which supplies game-day tickets to more than 1,000 schools, including OU and OSU. When his systems failed, many got confused.

Several fans on the University of Oklahoma campus and on the Oklahoma State University campus were affected by the ticket issue. Some fans who spoke with KFOR today were lucky enough to get tickets, while others weren’t.

“I still haven’t got it, so I’m still running,” said OU fan Jim Fawcett, who struggled to get tickets.

Jim Fawcett has been struggling to get tickets online all day and may not be able to get in just yet.

“I usually lock it a week early. I decided to wait. Now I’m like, what? What do I do now?” said Fawcett.

Fawcett plans to take his place if he can get a ticket.

“It’s going to be fine. It’s a family of 85,000, it’s going to be fine,” Fawcett said.

A European supporter ready to enter the stadium whatever the circumstances.

“I said, the worst we could do would be to say that. Yeah, one way or another, I’m gonna get in, we’re gonna sneak out. But we have to be here,” said OU fan Melissa Whistler (Melissa Whisler).

Melissa Whistler said she spent the morning trying to get a ticket and was finally successful.

“Usually we download it before every game, and my son keeps saying, ‘Mom, what’s the password? What’s the password? It’s not playing. And, you know, we tried all morning, and I’m a little nervous, honestly, I think, of course, you know, I checked the passwords and emails, and eventually we got an email from the university saying they had a problem,” Whistler said.

It takes about three hours for tickets to clear online, Whistler said.

“It finally worked. So that was a huge relief,” Whistler said.

Fortunately, OU and OSU have now resolved the ticket issue.

Those who have already downloaded tickets to their digital wallet in advance are not affected.

OU Athletics told KFOR: “The digital ticket issue is a multi-school issue for them on our supplier side. Our team has done a great job adapting quickly to communication and reception. fans,” said Russia Mike Houck, associate vice president of publicity and strategic communications for Klahoma University’s athletic department.

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