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Gift Ideas That Support Bay Area Businesses


If you’re having trouble finding gift ideas, you’re definitely not alone. Even Santa Claus, a magical elf who can see you when you’re sleeping and know when you’re awake, needs the children of the world to provide him with a detailed list of holiday wishes.

At The Standard, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. That’s why we put together this guide ourselves ahead of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Whether you’re looking for stylish clothing and accessories, practical homewares, or something a little more creative, the local businesses on this list, and many more we didn’t have room to include, have what you need.

Even if you don’t find what you’re really looking for here, we think you’ll come away with some inspiration and a better idea of ​​what to expect for all the unique people in your life. Happy holidays!

For the household god or goddess

One of the Bay Area’s most iconic and classic brands is Briar ceramicfrom Sausalito revolutionary potter edith heath. Carefully crafted candlestick or finely iced vase Sure to please your friends and family who value form and function. Candlesticks ($25) and vases ($32) are at the cheaper end of the Heath Ceramics collection. The starter dinner package costs $200, but savvy shoppers can head to the brand’s factory and showroom in Sausalito for a discounted price that looks as good as the first time. You might also stumble upon a ceramic style or shade that you can’t find online or in one of the brand’s San Francisco showrooms.

Kitchen Ceramics will be on display at Heath Ceramics’ Mission showroom in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.Benjamin Vanjoy/Standard

You can also find a selection of home items at death trust On Divisadero, a self-proclaimed “modern general store” sells artisanal cookware, apothecary wares, and cookbooks.

Buried On Fillmore Street has its own range of ceramics as well as a series of Wonderfully whimsical Christmas ornaments ($18).

vague concept on Clement Street has an impressive array of eco-friendly products that double as convenient and affordable Christmas gifts, including reusable tissues ($20) and food wraps ($18), facial care supplies ($15) and mesh produce bags ($10-$18). ).

wandering often on Valencia offers a range of beautifully scented candles, diffusers and incense refills that just keep on giving.Valencia Boutique Offers Half-price refills on its products.

If you want to do something special for your friends or family, you can do it at moonshot studio In the valley of Noah. (CJC)

for the fashionista

There are many thrift stores and clothing boutiques that offer stylish and unique items for the clothes racks on your list. Here are a few that caught our attention this holiday season.

San Fransisco now on Fillmore Street offers a range of colorful ‘short run’ styles, handpicked by owner Nancy Munzer or partnered with designers for boutique branding. This means that the collection is constantly changing and you are sure to find something unique.

Sophie Faustinelli, Camilla Faustinelli and Maria Garcia look at the exterior racks of the ISSO clothing store in the Mission district of San Francisco on Monday, August 15, 2022. Camille Cohen/Standard

If you are looking for avant-garde and eco-friendly products, Aesop in the Mission upcycles used clothing into fresh, on-trend new fashion and only sells items that are “made, found, or designed in the Bay Area.”

and love one more time on Polk is a black-owned resale boutique with a curated collection of vintage, designer and indie labels that define cool. Whether you’re looking for a classic trench coat or a bright blue and yellow blazer, ReLove has you covered. (CJC and MOC)

For the dads, men and brothers in your life

california cowboy is a San Francisco-based brand with a brick-and-mortar store on Polk Street. Inspired by the Californian outdoor lifestyle, the brand’s designers have created the perfect “après-ski” shirt for the skier, skater or snowboarder in your life, and designed to hang. A slim-fit button-up shirt ($168) in luxe Portuguese flannel has a reinforced back bottle pocket where your dad or friend can stash a beer, burrito, or White Claw; a zipped dry-tech smartphone pocket; and loops for gloves or sunglasses.

The back pockets of the California Cowboy “After Surf” Hawaiian Shirt are perfect for holding a beer. | Courtesy of California Cowboy

Each flannel comes with a corkscrew and a cozy beer glass so the little ones in your life can pop it open anytime. While one might appreciate a flannel shirt for the colder weather in San Francisco, the California Cowboys also make a similar short-sleeve “post-surf” beer/soda shirt ($145) in an all-over print. Hawaiian inspiration for a warm climate.

flow state, a community-focused Black and Brown menswear boutique located in Valencia, also offers an assortment of hoodies, hats, handbags, tennis shoes, t-shirts and accessories in bold styles. If you want to make a fashion statement, be sure to check out their streetwear collection. (CJC & CC)

san francisco-style

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to share a little piece of San Francisco with your friends or family, San Francisco Brands Kalk Available in beanies, “dad hats” and trucker caps less than $30 It features Golden State symbols including the Golden Gate Bridge, poppies, and nods to local San Francisco attractions and sports teams.

You can also share your San Francisco pride by donning a shirt, sweater or hoodie from the city’s screen printing experts.

Fleetwood’s latest collection of sweatshirts has an ocean and beach theme. | Courtesy of Fleetwood

Playground, OG Bay Area streetwear collection Lower Haight t-shirts and accessories are designed by local artists, including North Beach artist Jeremy Fish, and cost less than $45.

Fleetwood For sale rue Clement Ocean Beach Themed Sweatshirt ($48) and bags ($20) plus a variety of brands made in San Francisco.

Born From And Sunset screen printed clothing brand San Francisco There are attractive unisex tops including famous SF landmarks such as cliff house ($34.50) plus hidden puppy dinner head ($59.50). The brand also sells hoodie dog ($19-$28) with the Golden Gate Bridge printed on the back. (CJC)

for your canine companion

Speaking of dogs, you might want to buy a few items for your furry friend this holiday season. The new high-end dog cafe Dogue sells a handful of leashes, collars and bowls, as well as a luxury dog ​​shop. Michka on Union Street has a range of dog sweaters and tops. (CJC)

The exterior of Dogue, a cafe for dogs in San Francisco, Calif., on Sunday, October 9, featuring a $75 three-course tasting menu and selling dog accessories. Cristina Campodonico / Standard

For coffee addicts or curious palates

Every San Francisco has their favorite morning tea, but you can’t go wrong with any amount of baked beans from San Francisco or the Bay Area.

see also

Some Bay Area staff favorites include:

Coffee lovers line up for Lady Falcon Coffee in Alamo Square Park on October 22, 2022 in San Francisco. | Jesse Rogara/Standard

With some bags starting at just $12, a bag of beans is an affordable option that will appeal to just about anyone coffee drinker in your life.

Or, if you have a friend who isn’t a heavy coffee drinker or is trying to shake off a caffeinated lifestyle, we recommend grabbing a pot. city ​​bee The honey is picked directly from beehives that dot San Francisco’s busiest and busiest neighborhoods. City Bees founder and cleric Robert MacKimmie posts every Sunday at Clement Street Farmers Market. (CJC)

Robert MacKimmie, founder of City Bees, looks at one of his beehives in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco on November 2, 2022. He has been collecting local honey for more than 20 years. | Morgan Ellis/Standard

For creativity in your life

For your artist friends or your family, do not miss to pass jenny lemon Unique craft vendors on 24th Street, including Needlework, Embroidery, Woodblock Print and Rubber Stamp Kits Prices range from $15 to $85.

rare device Divisadero also sells a variety of art gifts, including colorful art prints, pens, and notebooks, as well as oddly shaped cups and mugs in nearly every hue of the rainbow. Your design-loving spouse might also like an art necklace from Rare Device.

Pirate supply store 826 Valencia, the nonprofit by author Dave Eggers, also has a line of whimsical nautical-themed gifts your imaginative friends might love. pick up the binoculars, Headbands or hooks for creative gifts He also supports a good cause. Store sales support the San Francisco-based nonprofit’s writing initiative. (CJC)

For the audiophile in your life

black friday record store day

Created in 2007 to support independent music stores around the world, Record Store Day hosts an annual event on Black Friday where music lovers line up to add rare new and reissued vinyl records to their collection.

Several stores around the bay are seeing record in-store sales, including amoeba music In Haight-Ashbury, this month marks San Francisco’s 25th anniversary. Amoeba will release 160 for Black Friday record store daily releases-David Bowie Extra EP the next dayjerry garcia band Pure Jerry: Coliseum Hampton VA November 9, 1991 LP, Jefferson aircraft Performing at the Monterey Pop Festival with snoop dogg Cool Ryder On lime green vinyl, to name a few – and more in-store specials.

Other Bay Area record stores such as thriller disca record store and punk label in Bernal Heights, and 1-2-3-4 GB!Record North Oakland’s Record Store Day Black Friday will also feature sales. 1-2-3-4 Go! Sales are by appointment only (paying).

If you’re struggling to choose the perfect gift for your local music fan, it’s Miles Davis’ live recording in San Francisco, Black beauty: Miles Davis at the Fillmore WestLuniz’s old-school hip-hop masterpiece Operation Starkola, Green Day’s neo-punk classic duke and indie favorites of 2010 In the Clouds: New Voices from San Francisco Both are excellent choices. (Shanghai)


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