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Goodbye Boris, a flawed giant who got more right as PM than wrong › scandleusa

PM Boris, the imperfect great man

The vote is over, the stewardship race is over and the rest of Boris Johnson’s term is on. Ultimately, what is in The Sun that made him Prime Minister?

Our verdict will not be favored by the Remainers, whose minds have been closed to those who would never have arrived without Brexit.

Boris Johnson is more right as Prime Minister than he is wrongCredit Score: Copyright 2019 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved

These reporters also don’t care if the PMs get a single factor, as long as they’re well-dressed, mature, and as uncontroversial and annoying as the hackers themselves.

However, we think it’s undeniable: Boris is by far our most important leader since Maggie Thatcher, and he has immortalized achievements despite personal flaws proving his failures.

After his election, two of the best of them came here. His searing victory in 2019 ended the horrific threat by Corbyn’s racist, Marxist and Putinian supporters – encouraged by Keir Starmer – to take control of the world’s fifth-largest financial system.

It guarantees that Brexit will be enacted. This democracy will prevail, despite the extremely nefarious marketing campaign of Remain MPs to thwart it.

He did more than wrong

The UK left the EU because of Boris. Those who leave will remain etched in our memories.

Those who remain will never forgive. However, over the next few years, as we thrive on independence, its key functions will pay off even more.

As prime minister, his stated mission to “level up” and spread wealth more evenly outside the wealthier south-east was derailed almost immediately by Covid.

In hindsight, he took scientific advice on lockdowns too blindly, but after ruling the world and rolling out jabs, it didn’t happen by accident.

Boris made these choices, saving countless lives and freeing our financial system sooner than anywhere else.

When Putin invaded Ukraine, Boris took the lead again – recognizing earlier than anyone that the threat of Russian imperialism to a sovereign state and the rest of the world had to be struck down, with arms and the support of the UK if necessary. No wonder he’s a Ukrainian hero.

Boris leads the rest of Europe to defend UkraineCredit Score: Rex

The downside is the charge. Boris has squandered his majority, doesn’t really need the low-tax, loosely regulated financial system he promotes, and is careless and content with his apparent invulnerability and Labour’s weaknesses.

When it comes to his friends or his personal scandals, he thinks he might run away and tries to get away with it.

This mishandling proved fatal.

However, let us always remember how a truly unhinged Remainer was exaggerated and amplified by the 24/7 storm that broadcast media and social media unleashed on him.

Watch these so-called justice networks turn to a whole new hateful Tory ruling on Monday.

Yet solar companies do need Boris. He was more right than wrong.

These scandals risk being largely forgotten in a few years before making a comeback. Grades will not.

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