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Hans Niemann Wife and Net Worth: Chess Player Admits Cheating!

Top US chess player Hans Niemann earned the title of Grandmaster last year. After returning to the US in just over three years, he raised his Elo rating from about 2450 to 2650.

After being selected for the Dutch National Youth Chess Championship, he started playing chess in 2012. As of September 2022, he is the sixth-rated Junior in the world and ranked 45th overall.

Niemann, a self-taught player, made his professional debut in a ranked US competition in December 2012. In less than four months, he competed at the 2013 SuperNationals V in Nashville with a rating of 1486 and a score of 4/7.

Due to the accusation of cheating, he is currently in the news. It followed Magnus Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup 2022 R5, a prestigious competition.

Hans Niemann

Hans Niemann

Hans Niemann Wife: Is He Married?

There is no wife and no husband for Hans Niemann. The expert chess player has not yet formed a bond with a person.

He already holds the Grandmaster title at the age of 19, and he is more concerned with his career. Niemann hasn’t revealed much about his love life or relationship up to this point. He is presently thought to be unmarried.

He might be dating someone who has no tie to the spotlight in the interim. His girlfriend’s identity is unknown because he hasn’t revealed their relationship status.

There are no indications of his romantic life on his photo-sharing website. He writes a lot on his blog about his successes and notable chess performances.

Niemann was invited to his first U.S. Chess School camp in St. Louis in March 2014 because of his rating at the age of 10, which was just under 2000. The camp’s tutors were Greg Shahade and John Bartholomew.

He became the youngest-ever winner of the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club Tuesday Night Marathon the same year he received the USCF Master title.

How Much Is Chess Grandmaster Hans Niemann Net Worth In 2022?

Hans Niemaan, one of the most well-known chess players in the United States, is rumored to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Niemann’s annual earning is $1,222 from his self-titled YouTube channel, which has 6.58K subscribers as of 8 September 2022.

At the 2014 World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa, he competed in the U12 division and won six of his eleven games.

The last rated game against GM Walter Browne was played by Hans (then 11) in 2015 at the National Open of the Las Vegas International Chess Festival.

Niemann, an All-American Chess Team player with the US Chess Federation, participated in the 2016 Saint Louis Invitational as an IM Norm after achieving FM status earlier in the year.

Additionally, at the 2016 North American Youth Championship, he tied for first place in the U18 division and received his first IM norm.

Hans Niemann Admits Cheating In Past But Denies Any Wrongdrong at Sinquefield Cup

Hans Niemann vowed to reform after acknowledging that as a child, he had improperly profited from computer aid when playing chess online. On Sunday, he overcame Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, in the $500,000 Sinquefield Cup.

In a Tuesday interview, Niemann accused Carlsen and other players—including the greatest blitz player in the world, Hikaru Nakamura—of attempting to damage his career as he prepared to take extraordinary measures to demonstrate that he wasn’t using a device to aid him in cheating.

“I don’t care. because I am clean, I know that. “I’m here to win, and that is my goal whatever. You want me to play in a closed box with no electronic transmission, I don’t care,” Niemaan said.”

Less than 24 hours after losing to Niemann in the third round, Carlsen withdrew from the tournament on Monday, causing chaos and turmoil in the chess community.

On September 5, 2022, Magnus announced his resignation via a Twitter post after sharing a video of José Mourinho saying, “If I talk, I’m in huge danger.”

In a later statement on Tuesday night, Niemann vehemently denied any wrongdoing in the Sinquefield Cup.

However, he admitted to cheating in the past when he was 12 years old and used a friend’s assistance to win an online contest. Then, while live streaming at age 16, he revealed playing unrated games.

Finally, he claimed that his play had improved the year before because he wanted to make amends for his prior errors.

Hans Niemann Age: How Old Is He?

Hans Niemann, who is 19 years old and of American nationality, was born on June 20, 2003, in San Francisco, California.

In Laguna Beach, California, at the Top of the World Elementary School, Niemann finished his primary school. He relocated to the Netherlands when he was 7 years old.

When he was eight, he enrolled in Utrecht’s Leonardoschool for exceptional students and started playing chess. After two years, he moved back to California and enrolled at Del Rey Elementary School in Orinda.

Niemann graduated from Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, which is renowned for its chess culture, after relocating to New York City in 2019. He attended Weston High School in Weston, Connecticut, earlier.

Niemann earned his second IM norm at the 2018 U.S

Niemann earned his second IM norm at the 2018 U.S

Insights On American Chess Player Hans Niemaan Family

Hans Niemaan, a chess player, hails from a multicultural family. His mixed ancestry includes Hawaiian and Danish people.

Niemann’s parents have stated a strong wish for him to finish college while still pursuing a career in chess.

He hasn’t revealed any further information about his family in public as of yet. The names and career histories of his parents are still unknown.

In December 2018, Hans won the National K–12 Blitz Championships with a record of 12-0. Three days later, in the overall K–12 Grade Championships, he finished first in his grade and tied for first in the bughouse duet, capping off a flawless victory.

Hans Niemann Bio

Hans Moke Niemann (born 20 June 2003) is an American chess grandmaster and Twitch livestreamer. FIDE conferred the title of Grandmaster upon him on January 22, 2021. He triumphed in Philadelphia’s World Open Chess Tournament in July 2021. On March 1, 2019, Niemann debuted in the Top 100 Junior Players list at number 88. As of September 2022, he is ranked 45th overall and sixth among Juniors worldwide.

Full name Hans Moke Niemann
Country United States
Born 20 June 2003 (age 19)
San Francisco, California
Title Grandmaster (2021)
FIDE rating 2688 (September 2022)
Peak rating 2688 (July 2022)
Ranking No. 49 (September 2022)
Peak ranking No. 45 (July 2022)


Niemann is of mixed Hawaiian and Danish origin and was born in San Francisco, California. He attended Top of the World Elementary School in Laguna Beach, California, before emigrating to the Netherlands at the age of 7. Niemann started playing chess at age 8 while attending Leonardoschool, a special school in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  He finished elementary school at Del Rey Elementary School in Orinda after returning to California at the age of ten.

He moved to New York City in 2019 and completed his education at the chess-loving Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School. He had called Weston, Connecticut, home and went to Weston High School there.

Chess career

Niemann earned a spot in the 2012 Dutch National Youth Chess Championship.

Niemann, a self-taught player, increased his Elo rating from roughly 2450 to 2650 after returning to the US in just over 3 years. He is not being coached.

In December 2012, Niemann made his debut in a ranked US competition. He competed at the 2013 SuperNationals V in Nashville with a rating of 1486 and a score of 4/7 less than 4 months later.


Niemann, at 10 years old, was invited to his first U.S. Chess School camp in St. Louis with trainers Greg Shahade and John Bartholomew because of his rating, which was just under 2000 at the time.

As the youngest-ever champion of the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club Tuesday Night Marathon, the country’s first chess club, on December 16, 2014, Niemann earned the title of USCF Master.

Niemann participated in the U12 division of the 2014 World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa, and won 6 of his 11 games. He lost to Annie Wang in the National Junior Chess Congress in Irvine earlier that year, shattering the previous record of 18 years and making Wang the youngest FIDE Master.


Niemann, then 11 years old, defeated GM Walter Browne in a rated match at the 2015 National Open of the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. GM Browne passed away shortly after the competition. The game was won by Browne following 35 moves.


Since 2016, Niemann has been a member of the All-America Chess Team of the US Chess Federation.

Niemann participated in the 2016 Saint Louis Invitational as an IM Norm after achieving FM status in early 2016. He was one of the younger players there, along with Carissa Yip.

Niemann earned his first IM norm and tied for first place in the U18 division at the 2016 North American Youth Championship.


Niemann placed first in his K–8 division at the 2017 SuperNationals VI with a rating of 2412, making him the tournament’s top seed.

At the 2018 U16 Olympiad in Konya, Turkey, Niemann placed third despite initially winning his first six games in a row.


Niemann competed at the 2018 U.S. Masters Championship in August and earned his first GM norm in addition to his second IM norm.

Later in August 2018, Niemann completed all qualifications for the title of International Master by earning his third and last IM norm at the Cambridge IM Norm Invitational.

He finished 12-0 and won the National K–12 Blitz Championships in December 2018. Three days later, he tied for first in his grade at the overall K–12 Grade Championships and won every single match in the bughouse duo.


Niemann won the first ChessKid Games held by Chess.com in June 2019, winning 20 games in a row and earning a spot in the 2020 Junior Speed Chess Championship.

Niemann finished with a perfect 10-0 record to claim the 2019 Foxwoods Open Blitz championship. Niemann, then the top junior player from Connecticut, tied for sixth at the 2019 US Junior Championships.

Niemann finished ninth out of 78 competitors in the U16 Open at the 2019 World Youth Championships despite holding the lead for the first eight of the competition’s eleven rounds and having a performance rating of over 2600.

Niemann won every game he played in at the 2019 Grade Nationals, going 12-0 in the Blitz Championship, 10-0 in the Bughouse Duo competition, and 7-0 in the 11th Grade Championship. His perfect score was 29-0.

Niemann participated in the 103rd Edward Lasker Memorial in November 2019, when he tied for first place and earned his second GM norm.


At the American Continental Selection Open of the 2020 FIDE World Youth Championship, Niemann finished sixth.

He won the Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy’s GM Norm Invitational in October 2020, where he earned his third and last GM norm.

His third norm was initially intended to be obtained at the GM Berger Tournament during the 3rd Summer Chess Festival in Belgrade in 2020, but the event was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He triumphed at the 75th Annual Texas State and Amateur Championship, which was held in Fort Worth, Texas, in November 2020.

Niemann won the blitz event at the VII Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival in December 2020, and he later reached the 2500 Elo mark needed to be deemed a grandmaster.


He finished third in the Vergani Cap, which was held in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, in January 2021. He won the blitz (10.5/11) and classical round robin (7.0/10) competitions at the Serbian Winter Chess Festival “Paracin 2021” in February.

Niemann was on the front cover of Chess Life magazine in April 2021. The cover story described Niemann’s ascent to Grandmaster status.

In the Cover Stories with Chess Life Podcast that was released along with the issue, he went into great detail about his path to winning the title.

After defeating John Burke in tiebreaks, Niemann won the World Open played in Philadelphia in July 2021. Niemann also reached the 2600 rating in this competition after drawing with Ukrainian grandmaster Illia Nyzhnyk. He qualified to play in the 2022 U.S. Chess Championship by winning the U.S. Junior Championship that was held by the Saint Louis Chess Club later in the same month.

Niemann placed second (8.0/9) at the 121st U.S. Open Chess Championship in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in August 2021, trailing GM Aleksandr Lenderman (8.5/9).

Niemann placed 52nd overall out of 108 competitors at the FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 2021, which was played in Latvia in October and November 2021


Niemann entered the top 100 chess players in March 2022, finishing in 98th place for the traditional time control. Additionally, he was the 12th-ranked American.

In the first round of the FTX Crypto Cup, Niemann and his opponent Jan-Krzysztof Duda ran into technical difficulties with Duda’s laptop. The first game of Niemann’s second round match versus reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen was won with the black pieces. Chess “speaks for itself,” Niemann said in a later interview. Niemann went on to lose each of his tournament bouts.

With the black pieces and the Nimzo-Indian Defense, Niemann defeated Carlsen once more in the third round of the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. With this victory, Niemann’s live rating topped 2700 for the first time. Later, Carlsen dropped out of the Cup.

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