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‘Haunted’ coffee shop brings in paranormal experts to investigate – Brospar Daily News

Logan, Utah (KSTU) – A cafe has hired paranormal investigators to back up their claim that the place is haunted.

Workers at Country No Nonsense Coffee in Logan, Utah have no doubt that spirits will frequent their store.

“I absolutely believe it’s haunted; of course, like I said, as it all happens, it’s hard to debunk that it’s wrong,” said assistant principal Gretchen Zitting.

“We were just joking about it like, ‘Oh, he’s a ghost again’ and the explosions, but as soon as I heard the security guard roar, I was like, ‘Well, that’s something. Darker thing, more stuff. Maybe we should look into it more,” owner Sarah Avalos said.

Store staff were horrified and decided to call in experts to collect evidence.

“It’s nice to have proof though, so people don’t think we’re crazy,” Avalos said. “It’s good to have proof.

Investigators said they found a motion light on and no one around to trigger it. The audio clips are said to contain grunts, elephant sounds and dialogue where they say you can hear the soul panting.

Investigators also shared a video of something occupying their computer screen for 17 minutes while their WiFi was off.

“I love watching Ghostbusters, it takes a long time to catch stuff, you have to be there for hours, and they caught a lot of stuff in three hours. I was surprised they caught so many,” Avalos said.

But the spirit did not stop the four walls of the café. Avalos said they continued to feel their presence in the batting cage next door.

“It was always fun, but after hearing the rant I didn’t want to be here at night. I was like, let’s shut it up and get out of here because the night is completely different,” Avalos said.

Paranormal investigators have joined Avalos and store employees in saying the place is haunted. Now those who work inside every day try not to disturb ghosts, goblins or ghouls.

“If you show a reaction, that’s going to make it stronger, and if anything, we really want it to pass and leave us alone,” Avalos said. “I try not to think about it too much.”

Country No Nonsense Coffee staff said they hoped to do the ghost tour in October, but planned to stop after Halloween so as not to irritate people.

This story was originally written by Sarah Murphy in Fox13now.com.

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