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Help Hardin students get books – Brospar Daily News

MTN meteorologist Miller Robson and MTN midday news anchor Dianne Parker have called on Montana, Wyoming and the rest of the world to join them in raising funds for the annual If You Give a Child a Book campaign. MTN. The idea is to buy books for kids in Montana who otherwise couldn’t.

The program is hosted by the Scripps Howard Foundation, through which donations are made and distributed. You can donate through this association, or text Q2reads to 345345. It’s that simple! Thanks to the generosity of the community and partners, the campaign has raised approximately $14,000 to date. The goal is to raise approximately $16.00 by Friday, September 15, 2022, so Harding students can receive books.

The program organizes a book fair in local schools where each child can choose several books. During the 2022 If You Give Your Child A Book campaign, every child in Ponderosa Elementary and Pioneer schools can pick up a book and take it home. The campaign aims to increase the number of Harding students and extends the campaign for a week to add a school and help more students.

Donate Book Donation Page (ktvq.com)

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