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BBNaija: Hermes Analytical Housemates, #BBNaija #Hermes #Analyses #Housemates Welcome to 50MIND BlogHere are the latest breaking news and trending shows, right now we’ve got you covered:

Hermès, considered one of Big Brother Naia’s many roommates, analyzes his roommate.

He believed he had found all of his roommates and gave Allysyn a solid rating.

After 41 days at the House of Equality, the housemates got to know each other through many opportunities to interact.

Home’s main parser is the Adekunle, but Day 41 introduced a new Housemate parser; Hermes. During a Backyard meeting with his new girlfriend, Allysyn, he gave a quick assessment of who his roommate was.

The conversation begins with him explaining to Allysyn how annoying he is.

Not acting for most of the day, and a situation that turns him on at home is duty because he doesn’t know what to expect.

Plus, he’s boring and the roommates have “no characters to go to.”

It begins with Rider Chizzy, describing him as a centralized person who can say what he’s thinking out loud. The self-proclaimed meals warden didn’t hesitate to block Stage 1 housemates from accessing their meals.

Hermès added that Chizzy doesn’t care what people say about him and he doesn’t digress.

In the very thoughtful diary, he talks about how he would be included “further” home, just to be a nuisance to his roommates and get named.

Hermes described Ad Kunle and Doin as intelligent, well-educated, and elegant.

And she also doesn’t need to participate in heavy work, which annoys Hermès even more in the first place.

During his tenure at HoH, Biggie asked him to name who to include in Home, and he chose Doyin. Her reason was that she was not involved in household chores.

Dotun is an incredible person, in line with Hermès. Calm and disciplined, his discipline has arrived this week as he collectively acquires teams to rehearse and even wake them up when needed.

Still, Deji is a tactical guy for Hermès, but we’d still like to see those strategies come to fruition.

Chomzy, Phyna and Chichi are hard workers. Chomzy is the main female HoH and is considered one of the main contenders when Home has functions.

Chichi then as long as she is a girl who can fix all the little problems, she will succeed in ensuring her happiness. Life tells her no one will do the postman for her, she should do it herself. Moreover, Phyna puts all her energy into every little problem she encounters.

Finally, his assessment of the woman he chose. To him, Allysyn has a certain potential that she shuns because it seems like her radiation can make completely different people feel truly hurt. His empathy in his personal approach prevents him from enjoying the joys of life, which is considered to be one of his greatest challenges.

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