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Honey Trap Web Series (2022) Yessma Series All New Episodes, Star Cast, Review, Story, Plot & More!

Quick access to web series and entertainment has become easier as technology advances. It provides access to many series, movies and content that can be enjoyed, and one thing that can come in handy when it comes to entertaining yourself during a busy weekend or a leisurely Sunday is an OTT platform. While there are many Hindi and English streaming OTT platforms, there are other OTT platforms that also have specific languages. Yes, there are also regional language OTT platforms that can come in handy if you are selective and want to watch in your language. Ne This OTT that releases various series in Malayan is known as the Yessma series app.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Beauty Trap Web Series Trailer

Stay tuned as we detail the new launch collection called Honey Trap on the Yessma platform and more about it. Yessma Series is a newly released app that has been widely used by the Malay-speaking audience as the app provides its audience with weekly and monthly content. Yes, the app releases new series every new week and every month, as there are hundreds of series available to watch on these platforms, and so far, the viewers are loving the platform series. This app is releasing a new series called Honey Trap series which we will discuss further.

Honey Trap Web Series Storyline

Beginning with the title of the show, the full name of this new series is Honey trap, and there are many erotic scenes in it. When it comes to the director, cast and production details of the series, since the series is new, not much information has been collected so far, so the team has not announced it yet. While it’s clear that the series may not have revealed information, it can be confirmed that the production took place under the Yessma series app. On the other hand, the audience for this series may be over 18, as the series contains many sexual and romantic scenes, so it is suitable for an audience of over 18 years old.

Honey Trap web series release date

There’s also no mention of how many episodes the series will have, but it’s been mentioned that the series may consist of multiple seasons, since it’s mentioned that this is the first season of the show. On the other hand, the series opens on weekends, so it will attract a wider audience. Mentioning it, the release date, the team has decided that they will release the series next weekend, which is 31Yingshi In December 2022, some episodes will run 25-35 minutes. The genre of the series is also known as drama, romance and fantasy. A trailer for the series has yet to be released.

Now talking about the cast of the series, not much was revealed about the cast but it was mentioned that the lead character of the series will be played by Kadeeja Shareef. The team has yet to reveal the cast of the supporting cast. Now coming to the storyline, the story of Honey trap revolves around a girl who is married and loves her husband deeply. Although her life is not simple as she has different fantasies in physical life which creates problems in her life. The girl tried everything to fulfill her wishes in the series. The series will be released in Malayalam only.

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