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How Did Argentinian Girl Die? Cause Of Death, Viral TikTok Choking Challenge Explained!

The Internet is widely used these days, but in this on-the-go world, we sometimes forget that even kids watch things here with adults. Sometimes influencers and people need to see that kids are even affected by what we post online and sometimes it happens when we forget about things like suicide. One case came from Argentina, where a girl who attempted the challenge died after asphyxiation.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

How did the Argentine girl die?

It’s shocking and disturbing on so many levels, and as kids, always on their phones these days, it’s hard to see that sometimes. Stay tuned as we introduce details about this case. A girl from Argentina has reportedly choked to death on a rope tied around her neck. The family was devastated when they learned of the death and broke their hearts when they broke the news.

Argentinian girl dies trying TikTok choke challenge

The incident occurred on the 13thday In January 2023, the girl accidentally suffocated to death when she was alone at home. This is from the Capitan Bermudez region in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, when a young girl was broadcasting live from her home, where she was streaming with her school friends. Reports from the parents of the child, named Milagros Soto, who was live-streaming alone in her house, that she suffocated herself after getting married, trying to free herself.

Why is the blackout challenge dangerous?

Her father arrived on Friday night, January 13, to find the girl unconscious in her bedroom with a rope wrapped around her neck. On the other hand, the father said she applied the lasso on the third attempt, whereas earlier she had tried twice to do the same thing. Before she goes live, she tries out the challenges she’s tried. Her bully sent her a challenge. An autopsy found she had suffocated to death with the rope.

It was a challenge to her from her bullies, who sent her a challenge link, and they challenged her. Milagros Soto’s aunt said they were heartbroken, they raised their children with all the love and care and it was a tragedy for them to do something like this. The child’s relatives said that if the child dared to do this, she wanted to do it too. Earlier, more than 20 children around the world died attempting the challenge, and earlier, many children were also rendered unconscious by suffocation.

Instead, teh plastron did not respond to what happened to their app. Experts say this challenge is dangerous and if they see some link challenging your challenge, they should report it. On the other hand, the New York Times reports that these challenges can cause your brain to suffer damage, seizures, and worse.

Earlier, two Californian girls were also found dead in the same circumstances after they hanged themselves while attempting the Blackout challenge, but in this case, people try to temporarily lose consciousness before untying themselves. Come back later. Since the neck is a huge nerve-twisting area and important airway, it can be fatal, so it should be prohibited.

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