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How little bronze birds are telling Fredericksburg’s history

Fredericksburg, Texas (KXAN) – In a Hill County town brimming with wineries, museums and a rich history, a Fredericksburg mother has created a way for young visitors and children who call the town home to bring the city to life. ‘story.

In “Main Street Robins”, a family of nine birds tells the story of Fredericksburg along Main Street. Each bird is linked to the architecture of the building which houses a small bronze sculpture.

Amy Becker, author of the book, said her family enjoyed scavenger hunts in other towns, but noticed that Fredericksburg didn’t have a town of its own. Although the town is family-friendly, there aren’t many activities for kids on the town’s main streets, she said.

Becker spent four years writing and publishing the book. She met with archivists from the Pioneer Museum to learn more about Fredericksburg’s history. Meanwhile, Becker’s daughter is studying history at school.

Children discover a robin sculpture in Fredericksburg. The Robin Scavenger Hunt is based on the children’s book “Main Street Robin”. (Courtesy of Amy Becker)

“We went through the footage. She shared the stories and went through the books with me so we could place everyone correctly and tell the story correctly,” she said.

The town of Fredericksburg was founded in 1846 by German settlers from New Braunfels. Texas State Historical Society. It is named after Prince Frederick of Prussia.

“That’s really what separated Fredericksburg. It’s a kind of preserved German heritage,” she said.

Baker, who works as a medical assistant and nutritionist, said treasure hunters shared photos and stories from their family hunts. It’s a way for some grandparents to connect with the younger generation and “live history in front of them,” she says.

“If you can bring their story to life, it becomes more relevant and sparks their interest in learning more,” she said.

Sculpture scavenger hunts take children to “abundant” places such as museums, libraries and art galleries, where local sculptor John Bennett showcases his other works.

Families can hunt anytime, such as morning and evening, as all nine mockingbirds are visible without entering businesses or buildings.

Proceeds from the book support the reorganization of the books, maintain the sculptures and fund scholarships for the Gillespie County Children’s Fund, Becker said. The book can be purchased on Amazon or at local merchants.

This story is part of the KXAN series highlighting events in central Texas – you can find them in our “”Central Texas Travel Forumpage. Do you have any ideas of what we should describe? Email us at [email protected]

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