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How Long Has Joe Absolom Been Married To Wife Liz Brown?

Joe Absolom has unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight after he wept as he admitted to leaving his career-defining soap opera.

British actor Absolom is best known for his roles as Matthew Rose on the BBC series EastEnders and Al Large on the ITV comedy Doc Martin. He has previously appeared on various shows on ITV and the BBC.

Before his acting career took off, he got his big break with the Sun-Pat Peanut Butter TV commercial. Joe plays baseball while listening to Michael Angelis’ rap, then eats peanut butter on bread in the ad.

Joe Absolom

Joe Absolom

How long have Joe Absolom and wife Liz Brown been married?

Absolom and his longtime partner Liz Brown have been married for three years. 2019 saw the couple’s marriage. However, he has been reluctant to reveal more information about her. The most likely explanation is that his wife preferred her privacy and did not value fame or recognition.

The 42-year-old actor, who played the unfortunate Matthew Ross on the BBC One series from 1997 to 2000, told Radio Times he was on the cover of a TV magazine while at EastEnders. He went on to say that he would take a picture, board the Thames Line, and leave without a second thought.

When I see all the soap characters on the covers of magazines at Tesco, my thoughts now are, “Damn it, it’s not healthy if my face is out every week.”

A classic plot is that of a local DJ named Matthew, who was jailed for killing Saskia Duncan and then released. He announced his resignation from public office in October 1999.

Absolom commented that while he had a good time on the soap opera, it had gotten to the point where it was difficult to expand the current plot, which resulted in him being wrongly convicted of murder.

Joe Absolom and wife Liz Brown

Joe Absolom and wife Liz Brown

Joe Absolom Children and Families

Joe Absolom and his wife have three children together. One of the most beloved is Lyla Absolom.

People confuse her with Laila, who is currently pursuing an acting career. She was honored at the 2004 Doc Martin on IMDB. Joe plays a key role in it, where she first appeared in 2013. But that’s just an example of a name collision; that’s it.

The actor’s other two children chose to stay away from the spotlight and the cameras, possibly because they didn’t like having their faces seen by the public. As a result, Absalom was able to maintain his ideal personal life.

He furthered his acting career by performing as Matthew Ross on EastEnders in 1997. In 2000, the British Soap Awards awarded him the Best Actor Award. His character is imprisoned before he gets revenge for being wrongly convicted of murder by Steve Irwin (Martin Kemp).

The Lewisham-born actor had amassed a considerable fan base over nearly three years on the show, but he quit the series in February 2000. Since leaving Albert Square, the 43-year-old actor has spent much of his career working on various TV projects such as Dead in Paradise, Ashes to Ashes and The Bay.

Joe Absolom Bio

Joe Absolom is a British actor born on 16 December 1978, known for his roles as Matthew Ross in the BBC series EastEnders and Al Roth in the ITV comedy Dr Martin. Rag is famous.


Joe Absolom

December 16, 1978 (43 years old)

Lewisham, London, UK

Profession actor
Active for several years 1991 to present

Liz Brown


(Meter. 2019)​

children 3

early life

Absolom was born in Lewisham, London. A graduate of Forest Hills School, he began his career in the entertainment industry with a cameo appearance for Sun-Pat Peanut Butter before his 1991 debut in the film Antonia and Jane.


In 1997, Absolom began playing the role of Matthew Rose on the British TV series EastEnders. In his first year on the show, he was only involved in a few episodes. Saskia Duncan’s murder, which began in February 1999 and became the focus of his attention, was the plot point that brought him to fame. The real killer, Steve Owen, casts his character as the killer so he can get away with it (played by Martin Camp). After taking revenge on Steve Irwin, his character last appeared on the show in February 2000, and won the British Soap Award for Best Actor in the same year.

Since leaving EastEnders, Absolom has been in supporting roles on ITV shows such as Vincent, and starred in the British horror film Long Time Dead in 2002. Perhaps the role for which he is best known is his lead role in Doc Martin; Al Rager, son of Bert Rager. His performance in this segment has been critically acclaimed since the series began.

From 1992 to 2009, Absolom appeared as a guest star on The Bill. In Casualty, he played Benny, a vicious moneylender. He also starred alongside Tracy Ann Oberman and Gareth David Lloyd in the cybercrime thriller Girl Nine, where he played the role of a con man. Most recently, he played Ivan in the 2013 horror film I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013). In the celebrity version of the game show Total Wipeout, which aired on September 18, 2010, he won and donated £10,000 to charity as his prize. In the 2019 TV series “Confessions,” he played real-life killer Christopher Halliwell. In 2021, starring in the ITV drama “The Bay”.


Absolom is also a radio actor who has appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Play of the Day programme by John Peacock called “Bringing Eddie Home”. The show is based on the true story of an East End couple named Edna and Jack Wallace, who fought to bring their son’s body back to England from Aden, and subsequently the rights of British service members. Absolom played a role in the show. In the show, Absolom plays Eddie Wallace and also features former East End actors such as Bill Trichet, Edna Dore, Todd Carty and Tilly Fort Worth.

joe absolom movies

  • 1991 – Antonia and Jane
  • 2001 – Dream
  • 2002 – long time no see
  • 2002 – Extreme Action
  • 2008 – Little Things
  • 2008 – one of those days
  • 2009 – bottle
  • 2009 – Jubilee
  • 2010 – Story of __
  • 2012 – Defining Fay
  • 2013 – I spit on your grave 2

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