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I Love You Part 1 Web Series Ullu App, All Episodes, Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast & More!

Ullu app is one of the most used apps in the web series of apps in the Indian market. Although it can be said that this app is the most used, the reason behind it is that the web drama platform uses almost all types of web dramas to keep the audience glued to its platform. There are many web dramas on the Ullu app platform. Web series are released every week, which is why many viewers love this platform. While a new web series has been released on the app called I Love You and it is gaining love from viewers, stay tuned as we discuss the new web series in detail on the Ullu app.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

I Love You Part 1 Web Series Trailer

I love you is one of the most watched series on Ullu app recently. Although the web series has only been released recently, there are many requests from viewers for the second part of the web series to be released soon. While the Ullu app releases many webseries in a row, viewers love the team’s presentation and their efforts in the webseries as they release new content immediately and without time gaps. Though this app also has a much lower subscription rate which is why many viewers love this app and keep watching web series on this app.

i love you part 1 web series release date

Now say I love you web drama, this web drama was launched on March 3rd on Ullu approad Tuesday, January 2023. Although the web series has received a lot of attention, it can be said that the web series can be seen as the web series is being hyped and also has a love angle. Whereas the first part of the web series consists of three episodes, each episode will last about 20-25 minutes and contain many love scenes and daring scenes. Now the director of this web drama is S Kumar, who has directed many web dramas in the Ullu platform world and is also an experienced director.

i love you part 1 web series star cast

Now let’s talk about the cast of the web drama, so the cast of the web drama includes, Poonam Rajput, Neeha Gupta and Neeta Sharma. They are all seasoned actors who have played many roles in many web series. Speaking of the cast roles in this web series, then Neeta Sharma will play Natasha, Nikhil Parmar will play Suraj, Vishal Bhatt will play Aaksah, Poonam Rajput will play Surekha and Neha Gupta will play the role of Prabha in the web series. The web series is currently only available in Hindi as it is newly released on the app.

Talking about the web series storyline, two friends, Suraj and Aakash, are in love with the same girl named Natasha, though Suraj is also deeply in love with Natasha, but after she and his friend Aakash take her away from him Before going away, he failed to keep his love and proposed to her first. On the other hand, Suraj feels lonely while entering into Aakash’s older sister, Prabha, who is also bold and sensual. Suraj is deeply in love with her and wants to be her lover. While he’s always been unable to impress girls and keep his affection in front of them, he now wants to impress her and propose to her.

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