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In final days of N.H. GOP Senate primary, millions in advertising from out-of-state interests – Brospar Daily News

With the state primaries still days away, it’s a tough time for candidates competing in the high-stakes federal primary. To prove it, just turn on the TV.

It’s hard to miss campaign announcements these days, especially in New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate Republican primary. It’s the result of out-of-state PACs pouring millions into the campaign, hoping to sway voters’ decisions in the final hours or so of the campaign.

White Mountain PAC, a Republican group founded by former Republican Senate National Committee staffers, is spending $4.1 million on ads supporting State Senate Speaker Chuck Morse and attacking his rival, the retired General Borduk.

Democrats are also spending in the Republican primary: The Senate Majority Political Action Committee, allied with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, spent $3.2 million on ads critical of Morse.

The payout comes at a time when GOP primary polls show they have: Borduk, who is also running for the 2020 GOP Senate nomination, remains in the lead, Morse trails a bit — in recent polls The poll trailed an average of 16 points. Three other candidates – Kevin Smith, Bruce Fenton and Vikram Mansharamani – followed these two.

Ad avalanche boosts Morse, hits Borduk

The ads are an endorsement by the Republican establishment that, with no major change in momentum, Borduk is in a very safe position heading into the Sept. 13 primary.

The Republican-led change effort follows a simple two-step strategy: boost Morse while weakening Borduk.

An advertisement focused on immigration Includes footage of Morse, who runs a nursery and garden store in Atkinson, on the US-Mexico border, and calls him a “hard-core conservative.”

At the same time, the anti-Borduk publicity highlighted a downside in the eyes of game watchers on both sides: Borduk’s penchant for extreme talk. For example, he claimed there was no evidence that Governor Chris Sununu was a “CCP sympathizer.” The ad also highlights Bolduc’s habit of crafting policies unlikely to align with mainstream voters: for example, eliminating the FBI and ending direct elections for U.S. senators. In short, the publicity called it “The crazy idea of ​​Don Bolduc”.

Democrats are also spending money in this Republican primary

New Hampshire has multiple Democratic primary races. But the Senate race is where the stakes and dollar amounts are highest. The Senate Majority Political Action Committee, allied with Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, is pouring $3.2 million into ads attacking Morse as a captive of lobbyists and a hand-picked candidate for Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell.

If these ads are effective, they could make Bolduc more likely to win. But Bolduc probably doesn’t need any help. The polls show him clearly leading on this point – 2 to 1 over Morse in some surveys.

But all the spending suggests the Senate race in New Hampshire remains one both parties see as crucial to gaining control of the Senate in November. For Republicans, it was also clear that the traditionalist and established wing of the party had no good options if Sununu decided not to run for the seat. Morse may look like a traditional candidate on paper — 20 years in state legislature and a solid record of conservative accomplishments — but he hasn’t proven himself to be a serious contender. Meanwhile, Borduk flouted convention, making inflammatory and often conspiratorial statements unfettered by traditional Republican practices. However, he is the person with the strongest ties to voters likely to vote in this race.

“Washington, DC has no idea what they’re doing,” Borduk said during a recent Republican candidates’ debate. “They are interfering in New Hampshire politics.”

This is a very Borduk answer. If he is right, we will see the day of Primary.

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