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Ines Rau Before and After Photos Post Transition Surgery As Mbappe’s New Girlfriend Get Media Attention

Ines Rau’s gender will likely be revealed in the before and after photos. She was born with the libido assigned to her.

She has recently been the subject of rumours about football star Mbappe. According to some online reports, they are allegedly dating.

Ines Law

Ines Law

Before and after photo of Ines Rau transition surgery

Ines Lowe attracted media attention when she became the first openly transgender playmate. Despite her Algerian descent, she was born in Paris.

At birth, Law was designated as a boy. However, the life story of British transgender model Caroline “Tula” Cossey prompted her transformation at the age of 16.

She underwent sex reassignment surgery. Although she continued to live as a woman, she didn’t come out as transgender until she was 24.

Before and after photos of her during the transition were sought after by some online users. However, her pre-transition images are not accessible online. She underwent surgery at the age of 16 and did not appear until adulthood.

She discussed a recent case in which she received numerous death threats and transgender remarks for sitting at the same table with a prominent footballer at a charity event.

She tried hard to ignore it, thinking it wasn’t her first encounter, but she couldn’t help being upset. She expressed concern about the root causes of this hatred and violence.

However, she thinks change is the loveliest thing for her because it opens up her heart and awakens her spirit.

Mbappe girlfriend Ines Rau is a transgender model

Transgender model Ines Law is Mbappe’s girlfriend. They are reportedly dating. Mbappe, a forward for Paris Saint-Germain and France, was seen with her following her divorce from Emma Smet.

Mbappe reportedly appeared alongside Law at the Cannes Film Festival. Recently, several sources said they saw the footballer holding her on the yacht.

Although the allegations are circulating on the internet, they have not been proven. As a result, some fans looked forward to their explanation.

Also, they haven’t posted any photos of themselves on social media. Therefore, it is possible that these remarks are just rumors.

Kylian Mbappe is reportedly dating Ines Rau

Kylian Mbappe is reportedly dating Ines Rau

What is Ines Rau Sexuality?

Ines Rau was born with a male sexual orientation. But she didn’t transition until she was 16. After that, she started to live as a woman. However, she didn’t come out until she was 24.

The transgender French model once discussed how she went for a long time without informing anyone of her identity. She also mentioned that there was a time when she went on a lot of dates and was worried that she might not find a boyfriend because he might think she was weird.

After an unknown amount of time, she finally understood that she should be her true self.

Ines Law Bio

Ines-Loan Rau is a French model born in 1990. She was the first openly transgender playmate and was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in November 2017.

born 1990 (31-32 years old)

Paris France

Profession Model

short wiki

real name Ines Law
Birthday March 17, 1990
place of birth Paris France
age 30 years by 2021
Country of Citizenship French
Race North Africa
Profession playboy model
husband not up-to-date
gender transgender
married/wife single
sun sign Pisces
be famous for September episode of the TF1 documentary series
net worth $80,000 so far

This isn’t the first time transgender people have posed for magazines, but it’s the first time they’ve earned the title of playmate. This could be the first step in changing society’s perceptions. Transgender models are becoming the focus of Playboy magazine, rather than retaining models.

Even Ines Rau performed on the cover of Playboy magazine’s “Evolution” in 2014. Her modeling career was boosted by poses. In society, gender equality is needed. Big brands are stepping out of these public initiatives to uphold equal rights and change societal mindsets.

Looking beyond the boundaries of men and women, Evolution examines gender inequality across society. In an interview, Lowe also spoke about her fears about dating. In order to convey the truth to society, Law was also terrified. Learn more about Ines Rau’s life and career here. At the age of 18, she started working as a DJ dancer in Ibiza. After befriending David Geta in 2013, she gained notoriety for her nude photos with Tyson Beckford that went viral on social media.

early life

Rau is of Algerian descent and was born in Paris. At 16, Rau, who was assigned male by birth, underwent sex reassignment surgery after being inspired by the life story of British transgender model Caroline “Tula” Cossey. She then lived as a woman but didn’t become transgender until she was 24.


When Rau turned 18, she started performing for DJs in Ibiza, where she met David Guetta. Shortly after coming out as a transgender, she took her first nude photoshoot with Tyson Beckford in 2013, when she was 23, for a promotion in French luxury magazine OOB. She debuted in Playboy’s “A-Z Issue” in May 2014, titled “Evolution,” which was intended to illustrate the growing acceptance of gender identities outside the male-female binary. After Cossey in 1981, she was the second trans woman to appear in Playboy and the first to come out voluntarily (Cossey was exposed against her will and reappeared in the magazine in 1991 ).

After appearing in magazines, Rau modeled for Nicole Miller, Alexis Bittar and Barneys New York. She has also worked on Balmain ads and Vogue Italia editorials.

When Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s son Cooper Hefner announced in October 2017 that she would be featured in the magazine’s “Play of the Month” issue in the magazine’s November/December 2017 issue Partner”, Law became the first openly transgender woman in this capacity. Hefner compared the decision to use Rau to his father’s 1965 choice of playmate, Jennifer Jackson, the first African-American model to appear on Playboy.

Unknown Interesting Facts

She was the first transgender person to be designated as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for November 2017, making her a pioneer in the industry. This information is made public through the Instagram account. Some reports say the late Hugh Hufner, the company’s founder, was the one who personally chose Rau as November’s playmate. Hafner died at the age of 91. According to sources, she makes $42,000 a year, but her net worth has yet to be determined. Details of her income were not made public.

Corsi thanked him for allowing her to discuss it with others. Presenting herself in society as a transgender is something Rau has never been comfortable with. Society is not as open as it should be in terms of contemporary ideas. Keep returning to this site for the latest and consistent updates on celebrities.

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