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Interpol approached in by military police over alleged assault by UK soldiers in Balkans

Josh said one of the attackers hit his head on the side of the road causing brain damage and was still being tortured, and had to miss work for many hours . He said he was also stabbed in the left hand by one of the men holding up a broken beer bottle.

He and a source from North Macedonia’s prosecutor’s office previously said they believed the department was “not cooperating” with the local investigation – which the Defense Ministry disputed.

A Ministry of Defense spokesperson told Express.co.uk at the time that as of July 29, North Macedonian authorities had not requested assistance from the Royal Constabulary in the matter.

However, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said in mid-August that the British military had “officially requested” a copy of the CCTV evidence “to identify the soldiers involved in the incident”.

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