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Is Brad Pitt dating Emily Ratajkowski? As They were spotted together in Paris

Brad Pitt reportedly made headlines recently. In addition to receiving plaudits for his movie Bullet Train, the entertainer is currently catching everyone’s attention for his affair with model Emily Ratajkowski. Dating rumors between model Emily Ratajkowski, 31, and the entertainer have become a hot topic after a passerby spotted them eating together in Paris. After the pair were seen holding hands in New York, rumors began to circulate again. That’s what Two Me detailed in mid-August, according to multiple unknown sources, that Brad Pitt is spending time with his partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard, following his recent split from his partner, Sebastian Bear- Mcclard. And the energy is with Emily Ratajkowski, who is expecting a child in mid-2021.

Brad Pitt and recently single model Emily Ratajkowski reportedly spent “a few hours” together in a private room of an extremely lavish Parisian restaurant before they were seen together at New York’s Pearl Oyster Bar. Meanwhile, TMZ wrote on Aug. 16 that, as Brad Pitt’s accommodating sources reported, his ex, Angelina Jolie, was trying to tarnish his reputation by leaking documents related to the fight on board, which caused them led in their constant battle for custody. of their minor children.

Are Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski a couple?

According to Deuxmoi, a social media account known for exposing gossip about the love lives of famous stars posted a story in which the ‘Demon’s Own’ star recently had dinner with model Emily Ratajkowski with another relative, Sebastian’s split. Bear-McClard has been reported in the media for half a month at this point. This story is followed by an explicit post explaining that the two dined and hung out at an impressive Parisian cafe in a private room. A few days after the incident, on August 15, 2022, an Instagram Story update followed, with the account stating without hesitation, “I’m pretty sure Emily Ratajkowski is talking with Brad Pete.

Afterwards, when a user inquired about their alleged romance reports, the account said, “Guys, I really think Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are dating,” while sharing Here’s a photo of the couple getting together. holding hands at Pearl, an oyster bar in New York’s West Village. Nevertheless, there are no photos or official sources about it, nor did Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski release an official statement regarding the aforementioned rumors.

Emily Ratajkowski, who has been married to filmmaker Sebastian Bear-McClard since around 2018, first sparked rumors that she was no longer with McClard after it was publicly discovered that she was out of a wedding ring. Not long ago, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple, who share child Sylvester Apollo, were in the process of divorcing, while another source told Page Six that the couple are going their separate ways because McClard was a “serial cheater”. Emily Ratajkowski confirmed the news after extremely attentive fans saw the model enjoying a series of tweets discussing her marriage.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has been in the news lately after sealed FBI files were made public revealing startling information about what happened during his September 2016 robbery which, in the long run , prompted him to separate from Angelina Jolie. According to the FBI report, Angelina Jolie told investigators that there was tension between her and Pitt that day and that his behavior made her feel “like a prisoner” on the plane.

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