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Is CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Married? Her Dating Life and Boyfriend, What is Her Net Worth?

Reporter Kaitlan Collins is the White House’s chief White House correspondent. She is now dating Will Douglas.

Kaitlan is CNN’s youngest White House correspondent. She has reported the news both nationally and internationally during the coronavirus outbreak.

Collins is likable and uses an adventurous interview style. Having only started her media career six years ago, she is now a skilled journalist with the ability to make a significant global impact.

Kaitlan Collins

Kaitlan Collins

Is CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Married?Exploring her dating life

Will Douglas, owner of the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, is Catherine’s boyfriend, although she is neither married nor husband.

While the couple has kept their relationship private, there are still plenty of pictures of them on their respective social media accounts that illustrate the point.

It is unknown when Collins and her lover started dating, although they were engaged for quite some time. By contrast, Kaitland debuted on Will’s Instagram in May 2015.

After that, the couple started posting pictures of their vacations and special occasions. What’s more, they also attended the wedding together. Caitlan was last seen on Will’s Instagram in January 2017, but she has since deleted all photos of them together.

As such, it’s possible that the duo will be separated over time while details are kept under wraps. After Will, she hasn’t been romantically involved with anyone else.

What is Kaitlan Collins’ net worth?

To date, CNN’s youngest White House correspondent is Kaitlan. Since joining the network in 2017, he has been performing well as an anchor.

Collins is likely to be well paid because she appears on TV more often than any other network member without her own show. Despite only working as a reporter for six years, Kaitland undoubtedly has a million-dollar net worth. And most sources say her current net worth is around $1 million.

She is a talented journalist and very knowledgeable. There is no doubt that Caitland has lived a decent life as a journalist throughout her career.

Kaitlan Collins husband

Kaitlan Collins husband

Caitlan Collins’ career so far

After college, she started working as a freelance blogger and writer. She was writing for many magazines and newspapers at the time.

In June 2014, The Daily Caller hired her as an entertainment reporter. The former reporter spent three years there before joining CNN.

In 2017, CNN appointed Kaitlan as White House correspondent, and she accompanied President Trump on his travels. Collins attended the University of Alabama after graduating from Prattville High School and received a BA in Journalism and Political Science in 2014.After graduation, she moved to Washington, D.C.

Kaitlan Collins Bio

American journalist Kaitlan Collins, born April 7, 1992, is currently CNN’s chief White House correspondent. She previously served as a White House correspondent for The Daily Telegraph.

born April 7, 1992 (30 years old)

United StatesAlabamaPlattville

educate University of Alabama (BA)
  • daily caller (2014–2017)
  • CNN (2017-present)

early life

In Alabama, Kaitlan Collins was born. Her father, Jeff Collins, was a mortgage banker. Collins called her background “apolitical” and said she didn’t recall her parents voting or having strong thoughts about political candidates.

After completing his high school education at Prattville High School, Collins attended the University of Alabama. Like her sister, she initially planned to major in chemistry before switching to journalism. [4] In May 2014, she finally earned a BA in Political Science and Journalism. Collins belongs to the sorority Alpha Phi.

Some of her tweets in Alabama in 2011 were uncovered by the Log Cabin Republican group in 2018. Collins called people “gay” and said she wasn’t sure “if I wanted to live with a lesbian”. She regretted the comments, saying: “I used vulgar language in several tweets to friends in college. As immature as it was, it in no way captured my feelings.


Immediately after Collins University, he moved to Washington, D.C. After being hired, she started working for The Daily Caller in June 2014 as an entertainment reporter. After her coverage of the 2016 presidential election, The Daily Telegraph appointed her as White House correspondent in January 2017, and she began covering the Trump administration.

Collins has spoken on CNN several times during his time at The Daily Telegraph. In the spring of 2017, she attended a gathering of White House reporters, where she met network president Jeff Zucker. Despite the ideological orientation of her current work, she thanked him for putting her on the show. After being interviewed for the position, Collins was later hired to join CNN’s White House team in July 2017. She visited at least six different countries with President Trump during the trip.

Collins was the billiards reporter for the day of July 25, 2018, so she was invited to the Oval Office photo opportunity. As the event drew to a close, Collins asked Trump a series of questions about Vladimir Putin and Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Trump did not respond to her inquiries. After that, Collins was prevented from attending the Trump administration’s press conference that afternoon in the Rose Garden of the White House. A senior White House official told Collins that such a question “was not appropriate for the occasion.” Sarah Sanders, President Trump’s press secretary, said Senator Collins had “loud questions and refused to leave, but Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said Collins acted out of “kindness.”

Bill Shine, Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, questioned the use of the word “ban” to describe the White House’s actions, but he declined to tell reporters what words he would use to describe the White House’s decision. The White House blocked her from attending the event. CNN claimed that Collins’ restrictions were “retaliatory” and “do not represent an open and free press.” “Totally inappropriate,” “wrong-headed,” and “weak” were some of the words the White House Correspondents Association used to describe the ban. Fox News President Jay Wallace issued a statement supporting Collins. In a statement, he said his organization “[stood] As part of free and unfettered journalism, we stand in strong solidarity with CNN to give our reporters full access. Collins is a reporter working for CNN. Wallace’s statement was made in support of Collins.

Collins was named one of “12 people to watch on TV news in January 2019” by Crain’s NewsPro. This honor was awarded to Collins in January 2019.

She was selected as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Media People in 2019.

In December of that year, Mediaite named her one of the most influential people in news media in 2019.

Is Collins married?

CNN’s White House correspondent is very active on her various social media platforms.

Previously, she would post photos of herself and her boyfriend Will Douglas on her Instagram account for the world to see. Will is the owner of the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, founded in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Rumor has it that Will and Collins are engaged.

In 2016, Kaitland had a wonderful vacation with Will and all of their close friends. On May 6, 2016, she shared a photo on her Instagram account where she can be seen swimming while drinking coconut water. This photo was taken at the beach. They decided to spend their vacation in Cancun, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Banned from White House for ‘inappropriate question’

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has barred Kaitlan Collins from a press visit scheduled for the end of July 2018 after asking President Donald Trump about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s postponement of the visit. CNN reporters also questioned Trump about the tape Cohen released by Michael, which resulted in her being banned from the Rose Garden event for asking “inappropriate” questions.

Trump was set to invite him to Washington for a meeting in the fall, but Trump’s meeting derailed after members of Congress expressed opposition to a meeting in the fall of 2018.

Collins was asked to leave the briefing room for the second time in 2021 by former President Donald Trump, who ordered his former press secretary to do so. He even labelled her “weak” when the former secretary continued to refuse.

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