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Is Delhi Crime’s Kachha Baniyan a Real Criminal Gang in India?

Netflix’s “Delhi Crime” focuses on the Delhi Police’s investigation of horrific crimes that will make anyone shiver with fear. The nature of the criminals and their actions are disturbing, and viewers can’t help but wonder how to keep their sanity while trying to solve such cases. While it’s fun to watch how the police use their skills and resources to solve seemingly impossible situations, it’s even scarier to imagine that the criminals depicted on the show could exist in real life.

It’s hard to believe that one person could do something so horrible to another. Unfortunately, the stories in the series are actually inspired by real events. The second season follows the crimes of the Kachcha Baniyan gang. If you’re wondering if the show accurately portrayed their crimes or made up for their drama, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about them. Spoilers ahead

Is Kashcha Baniyan a real gang?

Yes, the Khachabanyan gang that was investigated in Delhi Crimes Season 2 is a real criminal gang that operates across India, mostly in the northern states. Her name comes from her dress. Criminals only wear underwear when committing crimes.

Image source: News18

Before Vartika Chaturvedi and his team delved into the investigation, they gave the audience a brief insight into how the gang operates. Their MO is to attack wealthy old people who live alone. Their weapons, such as axes and rods of iron, were used to attack their victims. In addition to stealing, they have also been known to eat and drink in the homes of their victims, sometimes defecating there. Most notably, they are known to foam oil on their body, so even if someone tries to fight back, they can’t because the oil will allow the attacker to escape easily.

All of these details are correct, although slight MO changes have also been noted over the years. Gang members are notorious for hiding to keep them hidden during the day when picking out potential victims. They estimated the house while planning the attack. They usually work in groups of 5 or 6 and have been known to have women and children in their groups. It is also believed that they were particularly active during the rainy season and moved to another location after successfully committing a crime.

Another key detail they usually emphasize is that their victims usually live in isolated areas or somewhere near a station or train tracks. In the show, the crimes take place in gated communities. It is this deviation from the pattern that makes police suspect the gang is involved in serial murders.

It was eventually determined that the Khachabanyan gang was not the culprit in the case, but some impersonators tried to save themselves by distracting the police. The gang investigation, however, has allowed the show to reveal how denoted tribes and entire communities are tainted by the actions of the few. In fact, the gang’s ties to the DNT are also known as bavarian tribe, sparked a similar debate. The roots of the gang date back to the pre-independence era of India, so the whole tribe was informed under British rule. Since then, their reputation has been tarnished.

Things got worse when the gang gained notoriety in the 90s for their rampages in northern India. They come back for a review highway theft in 2016 They attacked a family and raped two women. Although their every action has been in the national news for some time now, they continue to be active across the country, with reports of their crimes in multiple states every few months. Sometimes some gang members were captured, but not fully contained.

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