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Is Drew Starkey Dead In 2022? TikTok Rumors Explained

Drew Starkey fans have become popular because a video on TikTok has everyone confused about it. Well, if you are an active internet user, you must be no stranger to deadly scams. Because there are so many celebrity death pranks going viral on the internet. But Drew Starkey’s viral story is definitely not a deadly hoax. But does that mean Drew will die in 2022?

Read on to learn more about Drew Starkey’s TikTok video that has fans believing the star will die in 2022.

Drew Starkey’s TikTok video has fans worried

There are a lot of news on the internet that this or that famous person has passed away. Even if it’s not true at all. Recently, however, we came across a video from a user on TikTok that included a clip of Drew Starkey. But it is the title that worries all his fans.

@rafeesstarkey Last video is one of my favorites of him ❤️ Really sad to never see/know him 🙁 #drewstarkey ♬ Original Sound – rmfc

The title of Drew Starkey’s music video reads “Last video is one of my favorites of him… Really sad to never see/know him again”. Although the text overlaid on the video is “I love you, Drew. But, you are not mine. However, Drew fans think Drew is dead.

Did Drew Starkey die in 2022?

Although the video posted by the user on TikTok looks like Drew Starkey’s latest video. That’s certainly not what it means. Fans thought Drew was dead and this is his last video. But the user who posted the video offered the same explanation to Drew fans.

As the user said, “Wait, why does everyone think he’s dead!” I’m just saying I may never see it?? “. So Drew Starkey fans need not worry, because Drew Starkey is doing just fine in 2022. It’s just that some people are misinterpreting the video, leading some to think that Drew is dead.

Users must report the death hoax

Although the Drew Starkey video isn’t something you might call a death hoax. However, we come across death pranks against certain internet celebrities all the time. Therefore, users must be careful before believing these deadly scams.

At the same time, you also have the option to report such death hoaxes and even other types of fake news on the Internet. So, for this useless and misleading information, you just need to report it. So it’s not circulating on the internet.


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