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Is Dying for a Family Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Lifetime’s Die for Family, directed by Jonathan McPherson, is a thriller about sisters Darcy and Hannah. Their new foster home seems to be everything the teenage girls could have hoped for. However, when her sister Hannah goes missing, Darcy must retrieve Hannah based on the scant information available. In the process, she uncovers several painful facts that could tear their family apart.

The once-in-a-lifetime thriller has several positive aspects that earn it praise. Along with a talented cast and a picture-perfect backdrop, the film was praised for its gripping storyline. Naturally, this left many people eager to learn more about the making of the film. Some fans were curious who helped bring the characters to life, while others expressed curiosity about where the film was set. Someone also asked if this story was based on real events, and we’re here to answer the same question!

Is dying for his family a true story?

No, “Die For Family” is not based on a true story. The film’s screenwriter is Rebecca Hughes, who also wrote stories for “Mother’s Rage” and “Perfect Lies.” Felicity Evans and Toby Venables were also on the film’s writing staff. The thriller was brought to the screen under the direction of Jonathan MacPherson, who also directed ‘Sweet As Pie’ and ‘Ariel Erisian’.

The film’s plot may be fictional, but it makes good use of its gripping storyline and complex characters to tackle several real-world issues. The film opens with Darcy and Hannah joining a new family after losing the old one. The happiness of the two girls at finally having their own home and their own parents is palpable, adding to the tragedy portrayed in the film. This reflects how often teenagers wish for a family they may have lost. Unfortunately, in real life, foster care isn’t always the perfect solution, so finding such happiness is indeed something that touches many hearts.

Additionally, the film shows that Hannah disappeared not because of her rebellious behavior, but because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This parallels many real-life examples where a person falls victim to a terrible fate simply by stumbling upon something sinister. Lifetime thrillers use real events to weave an intriguing, jaw-dropping story.

filming locations to die for family

“Dying for Family” was filmed in British Columbia and appears to be in and around Vancouver. Robert Riendeau is the cinematographer of this lifelong thriller, filmed under the working title “The Killing Ties”. Now, let’s explore the filming locations in more detail, shall we?

Vancouver, British Columbia

Die for Family was likely filmed in Vancouver, a bustling port city in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The city, commonly referred to as Hollywood North, is a popular filming location for movies and TV shows. One of the main reasons the area is popular with filmmakers is its proximity to Los Angeles, California. Shooting in town is also clearly a godsend. Additionally, Vancouver’s subtle skyline allows filmmakers to use the city as a proxy for locations around the world.

Thanks to Vancouver’s well-developed infrastructure, the process of filming in the region is very easy. The city also offers a variety of options for movies that require living, like “Dying for the Family.” It is also home to film studios such as Vancouver Film Studios and Studio 3 Media. Vancouver has been the backdrop for several Lifetime movies over the years, including “He Wasn’t Worth Dying For” and “Dirty Little Secrets.”

die for a family actor

Actress Maddie Hillis plays Darcy in “Dying for the Family.” You might recognize her from her appearances in “Girl in the Shack: The Abduction of Abby Hernandez” and “We Come Home for Christmas.” Alaska Leigh, who starred as Hannah in the Lifetime thriller, has previously worked on projects such as “My Monster Brother” and “Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter.” The talented duo Corina Akeson and Jay Hindle also play major roles in the film. Other cast members include Aiden Howard as Caleb, Kira Wallace as Tiffany, Neka Kroll as Detective Diaz, and Leo Jiang as Swenson.

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