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Is House of Chains Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Directed by Stephen Tolkien, Lifetime’s “House in Chains” is a crime drama about the McGrath family, a suburban family hiding many secrets. Based on their strict religious beliefs, Laura and Tye McGrath cut off their six children from the outside world. As children grow, they begin to ask questions, which leads parents to increase restrictions and abuse, neglect and incarceration of children.

Fearing that a similar fate awaits their younger siblings, McGrath’s eldest children devise a plan to try to escape their imprisonment and seek help from the authorities. The film paints a tragic picture of the consequences of fanatical religion. The film has always fascinated audiences due to its strong cast and visual setting. However, many have wondered if McGrath’s story was based on real events. To get answers to these and other questions, we dug in and got the answers you need.

Is House in Chains a true story?

House of Chains is partly based on a true story. The film was inspired by The Turpin case in 2018, although some details, including character names, were changed in the original Lifetime film. The family’s parents, David and Louise Antpin, had 13 children aged between 2 and 29 when local authorities discovered their actions.

Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

David was a computer engineer He graduated from Virginia Tech and worked for companies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Davis met his future wife, Louise, at Princeton High School in Princeton, West Virginia, and the two were married in Fort Pierce, Virginia in 1986, when David was 23 and Louise was 16. Given their Christian beliefs, the two have several children. , believing that this is what God apparently wanted them to do.

As a result, the Turpins ended up giving birth to 10 daughters and 3 sons between 1988 and 2015. In 2014, the family moved to Perris, California, where the escape story unfolded. In 2018, David and Louise plan to move back to Oklahoma. However, their 17-year-old daughter, Jordan, overhears their plans and she knows it now or never. Obviously, some siblings have been planning an escape plan for over two years. If they change location, they will inevitably fail.

So Jordan and his 13-year-old sister fled the house and contacted the authorities. Just when the latter quickly turned around in fear, the eldest left. After reaching some distance, she called the police with a disabled cell phone she had obtained. During the call, Jordan explained that she and her siblings were abused by her parents, detailing the unpleasant smell in the house and more.

David and Louise Turpin (Credit: David-Louise Turpin/Facebook)

When a police officer met Jordan, she showed them photos she had taken inside the house. Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department raided the home under the guise of an apparent welfare check. According to the sheriff’s department, Lousie had been confused as to the reason for the police presence. What law enforcement found in the house paints a dire picture. The house smelled of excrement, garbage and rotten food, there was garbage everywhere.

Police found the other 12 children, including one obviously related bedridden for several weeks. The other two were released before the police arrived. The child suffered from multiple injuries, was in poor physical condition and had a haggard face. In fact, the siblings were so malnourished that police believed they were both under 18, even though more than half of them were legal adults. There are also diaries written by the children of the house detailing their living conditions.

Jordan Turpin talks to ABC

The reality behind the actions of Turpin’s parents is very distressing. Imprisoned and beaten Many times over the years, their children. Children are only allowed to eat once a day and swimming is an annual event. Their eldest child weighed just 82 pounds at 29, while their 11-year-old had arms as thin as a 4-month-old. Children also lack basic knowledge of the outside world, including concepts of medicine and law enforcement. Turpin’s parents were charged with 12 counts of torture and forcible confinement, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult and six counts of child abuse.

David was also charged with committing an indecent act against a child under 14. He was also charged with perjury Because he filed multiple affidavits with the California Department of Education alleging that his children were educated in a private school. Their bail is set at $9 million. To Louise, $12 million to David. Louise’s request She should be placed in a transfer program before trial to treat her histrionic personality disorder. However, the judge denied the request on the grounds that it posed a risk to the public.

Image credit: Facebook/David-Louise Turpin

February 22, 2019 David and Louise plead guilty One charge of torture and three counts of intentional child abuse. They also accepted four counts of false imprisonment and six counts of abuse of a dependent adult. The couple were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years, but many believe they will never be granted parole given the nature of their crimes. Currently, Louise is being held at Central California Women’s Shelter, while David is serving time at California State Penitentiary in Corcoran, California, although he is officially being held at Mule Creek State Penitentiary.

After providing the Turpin siblings with the necessary care, the six minors were placed in two separate foster homes. Their health issues include heart damage due to lack of nutrients. They were also treated for cognitive impairment and neuropathy. Turpin’s five children were adopted by a family who ended up abusing them as well. The adoptive parents, known as Mr. and Mrs. O, allegedly hit them in the face with sandals, pulled their hair and suffered other physical abuse. They were apparently force-fed large amounts of food and then forced to eat their vomit.

Jennifer and Jordan Turpin

The adoptive father was also accused of touching the children inappropriately and “kissing them on the mouth”. Ultimately, the foster family was arrested and charged with multiple counts of child abuse. Although the Riverside County Assistant District Attorney claimed in 2020 that the children are now living independently and educated, and one of them is a college graduate, the reality may not be. the same.

In an investigative article entitled “Escape the House of Horrors” on ABC on November 20/20, 2021, it was said that some Children are neglected by the Riverside County Social Services Agency, some people do not have a home. All would have been unable to access the thousands of dollars given to them for their needs. The money is held in a trust fund controlled by a court-appointed guardian.

Joshua Turpin explained that he couldn’t get the money and was denied funds to buy the bike. Jordan also claims that she was released from foster care without any explanation or the skills to survive in the real world. Riverside County has hired a private law firm to investigate claims against social services.

July 19, 2022 The siblings file multiple lawsuits Oppose foster care of children in known abusive families. The two lawsuits, filed in Superior Court in Riverside County, Calif., represent two of the six children and four younger children. Defendants in this case include Riverside County, Foster Family Network and ChildNet Youth and Family Services.

There were many changes between the Turpin case and the McGraths story. McGrath has six children compared to the Turpin siblings’ 13. In the process, that and many other important details changed, making the movie partially true. However, the portrayal of abuse and neglect, as well as the heroism of Jordan Turpin, seems to be used faithfully in the Lifetime movie.

Chain House Filming Locations

House of Chains was filmed primarily in Ontario, particularly Ottawa. Principal photography for the film apparently begins on June 13, 2022 and ends on July 5, 2022, tentatively titled “The House Next Door.” Let’s explore the filming locations in more detail.

Ottawa, Ontario

Located in Ontario, Canada, Ottawa is the capital of Canada and it is where “House of Chains” was created. The film uses its visual setting to highlight the damage done by McGrath’s parents based on their extreme views on religion. Actress Mena Suvari, who played Laura McGrath in the film, found the production difficult. “Very, very intense,” she said To tell about Entertainment tonight. “I feel like I absolutely need to decompress at least two hours a night.”

The city of Ottawa is home to several residential areas that provide the perfect backdrop for the suburban city block scene. The city’s facilities for an efficient filming process, coupled with the variety of locations in and around Ottawa, help the city remain a favorite among filmmakers for filming projects. As well as being directed by Stephen Tolkien, Ottawa has been used for various other Lifetime movies such as “The Ice Road Killer” and “A Love Triangle Nightmare”.

The cast of House in Chains

Talented Mena Suvari stars as Laura McGrath in Lifteime’s original film. You might recognize her from her work on What’s Below and The Greatest Legacy. Actor Grayston Holt plays Tye McGrath in ‘House of Chains’. His other performance credits include “Chesapeake Shores” and “Riverdale”. In the detective film, Natalie Jane played the role of River McGrath. She also worked on “Sinister Switch” and “Vicious Fun”.

Madeleine “Maddy” Kane played Meadow McGrath in the film and is best known for her roles in “Ginny & Georgia” and “Antigone: Presented by The Girls of St. Catherines.” The film also stars Callum McAllister as Rain McGrath, Owen Irvin McCullough as Prairie McGrath, Joey Carson as Summer McGrath, and Grayson Taylor-Day as Forest McGrath. Other guest appearances include Carina Battrick as Young River McGrath, Aias Dalman as Young Rain McGrath, and Hudson Robert Wurster as Young Prairie McGrath.

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