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Is House of Ho Scripted? Is the HBO Show Fake or Real?

If you mix the concepts of “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Bling Empire” and just focus on a Vietnamese-American family in Houston, “House of Ho” is exactly what you’ll get. So this HBO Max original series not only offers opulence and prestige, but also interpersonal drama every step of the way in a true family setting, regardless of age group. So now that we’ve seen them grapple with their issues and follow long-held cultural traditions, all while growing closer, let’s see if this gripping piece is actually real, shall we?

Is the rich real or fake?

Aside from the fact that “House of Ho” was always advertised as an unscripted documentary, as there was never definitive proof that it was real. This essentially means that no personal dialogue, emotion or situation that appears on our screens has been written or managed entirely by professionals to create the overall viewer experience. There’s a bit of manipulation in there, but we’ll get to that later, because even the cast came out to show that there’s nothing wrong or wrong or abnormal about the style show of life.

“I think the biggest misconception is that everything we do is for show, and we try to portray ourselves as a bunch of crazy rich Asians,” Washington Ho said. people in a candid interview. “That’s how we live and we don’t try to represent anything other than[ing] Be as authentic as possible, with all the production going on so we can inspire other Asians to open up and be vulnerable…it’s the best way forward we’ve learned as a family. “

Judy Ho went on to say that they wanted to share all aspects of their real-life experience with the world as life lessons were passed on to them. Of course my parents [Bihn and Hue Ho] And how they achieved the American dream is where we are today,” she explained. “And I want them to know that while our lives may seem extravagant on the outside, when we’re home, we’re like dealing with the same issues as any other family. Whether it’s sobriety, divorce or IVF… the pain and the struggle are universal. “

Image credit: Callahan O’Hare/HBO Max

However, it should be noted that there can always be distractions from the producer during filming, as he can always ask short, specific questions during the confession for additional, juicy details. Then there is the post-production process, which allows for a dramatic editing of the show, as the creator wants to emphasize a particular point or person at all times, thus affecting the outcome. None of this, however, turns this HBO original into a hoax, as it doesn’t involve fabrication – it’s just simple manipulation to improve the way it can entertain us.

So while every reality series should be taken with a grain of salt, it seems like “House of Ho” is as real, natural, and authentic as possible.

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