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Is Jeon Arrested? Does Kang Get His Money?

Netflix’s “Narcos Saints” (also known as “Suriname” and “Accidental Narcos”) is a crime drama created by Yoon Jong Bin and Kwon Sung Hee, based on true events. It follows Kang In-gu, a joint venture from South Korea, who moved to Suriname to start a fishing business. However, Kang’s life is turned upside down when he becomes involved in a plot to arrest drug lord Jeon Woo-hwan who has taken over the small country. As such, Kang must face multiple challenges and manipulate events to capture Quan. So viewers have to wonder how Kang’s quest came about. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about the “Narcos” ending. Spoilers ahead!

Narco-Saints Season 1 Recap

“Narcos Saints” is about Kang In-gu, a poor man living on the outskirts of South Korea as he struggles to make ends meet. However, Kang is a shrewd businessman and knows how to negotiate good deals. After the death of her parents, Kang took on the responsibility of raising her siblings. He is married with two children, but fails to provide them with a comfortable life. One day, Young-soo, Jiang’s childhood friend, returns from a trip to South America.

Image credit: Cho Wonjin/Netflix

Eungsoo approached Kang with a business idea for transporting and selling ice skates, a fish found in abundance in Suriname but not eaten. It is very popular in Korea and cheap in Suriname. So Kang saw an opportunity to make money, sold all of his stuff, and moved to the South American country. Kang and Young-soo started a fishing business in Suriname.

After making a deal with the military, Kang hopes his business will be fine. However, Kang encountered Chen Jin, a Chinese drug trafficker who demanded a curtailment of his business. Meanwhile, Kang meets Pastor Jeon Woo-hwan and tells him about his issues with Jung. Jeon takes matters into her own hands and takes care of Cheng. Therefore, Zheng promises not to interfere in Kang’s affairs. However, after cocaine was found in Kang’s cargo, the Coast Guard seized it. Kang is arrested and faces a heavy sentence until Choi Chang-ho comes to the rescue.

Chang-ho is an NIS agent and reveals that Pastor Jeon is the drug lord who controls most of the cocaine distribution in South Korea. He has suppliers in Colombia and runs his business under the guise of a church. Chang-ho explains that Jeon tried to use Kang’s stuff to smuggle his cocaine. He offers Kang his freedom in exchange for his help in stopping Quan. After much deliberation, Kang agreed to pay for his work. Chang-ho accepts and Jung decides to work with the NIA as an undercover agent.

Kang used Zheng to lure Quan and revealed that he had a supplier in Asia who could sell Quan’s cocaine in the area. Chang-ho poses as supplier Shangman and meets Quan. Soon the deal is done, but Quan and Kang don’t trust each other. Jeon’s main smuggling route was closed after his cargo was seized at the Brazilian border. Therefore, Quan doubts Sanman’s intentions. Sangman offered to ship the drugs through Puerto Rico, but Jeon refused and ended their deal. Chang-ho and Kang must therefore come up with a new plan to catch the notorious drug lord.

Narco-Saints Season 1 Finale: All Arrested?

In the sixth and final episode, Chun hit a dead end. His deal with Chen ended with the loss of his cargo. Therefore, Quan is forced to kill Chen and his men to retrieve the drugs. After retrieving the drugs, Quan approaches Sanman and tries to make another deal. Jeon decided to use Puerto Rico after rejecting the route earlier. As a result, Sanman did not believe in the deal. However, after Jeon offered to move the goods quickly, Sangman aka Chang-ho agreed.

Image credit: Cho Wonjin/Netflix

Jeon, on the other hand, is tired of the deal due to recent events such as the death of David Park and the intervention of the Brazilian army. Also, instead of delivering the merchandise himself, he sent one of his confidants. Kang tries to convince Chang-ho to hand over the drugs. However, Jeon refuses to take the risk. As a result, Chang-ho’s plan to arrest Jeon during the transfer is disrupted. Still, he improvised and grabbed the full man and used him to assure him that the matter was going well.

Meanwhile, Chang-ho got the medicine and took the plan to the next step. Chang-ho teams up with the DEA to strike Jeon’s base. Ultimately, the crackdown was successful, and the DEA and NIS shut down the cartel. Jeon attempts to escape, but is stopped by Kang. The two fight until Chang-ho arrives to stop Jeon. The cartel leaders quickly realized they had been tricked and surrendered. Jeon has been evading law enforcement for years, and her eye for threats helps her escape almost every time. This time, however, his guts let Quan fail, and he fell into an elaborate trap set for him. In the end, everything was paid for his crimes and Suriname was freed from the drug lords.

Is Kang rich?

The series features Kang as a father and husband seeking a better life for his family. After the All England Business Plan failed, Kang was given another chance to make money through Chang Hao and NIS. According to the agreement between Kang and Chang-ho, if he succeeds in helping to capture Jeon, he will receive 5 million won. In the last episode, Kang risked his life to catch Jeon and complete the mission. Throughout the series, Kang overcame certain obstacles and dangers, but remained focused on his task, hoping that the money would improve his and his family’s way of life.

Image credit: Cho Wonjin/Netflix

After completing the mission, Kang returns home and finally reunites with his family. It was a touching moment that gave Kang confidence and helped him realize that being with his family is more important than money. So he decided not to risk his life anymore. In the end, Chang-ho met Kang at his home in Korea. When Kang asked about his due payments, Chang-ho explained that NIS could not pay him directly. Instead, they gifted Kang with three military Karaokes to own and run. However, Kang, tired of the humiliating lifestyle of bar/karaoke players, turned down the offer.

At the last moment, Chang-ho reveals the information Jeon passed on to Kang. Jeon wants the baseball with the fake autograph Kang took home. However, Chang-ho revealed that Jeon told him the signature was real. After realizing this, Kang was shocked and the episode ended. The final scene suggests that the signed baseball is very valuable and could help Kang earn enough money to improve his family’s lifestyle. Thus, the series ends with Kang renting and earning more money with his family.

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