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Is South Africa-Based Zimbabwean Prophet Jay Israel Dead? Death Rumours Reason Explained!

Recently, news emerged that a priest in South Africa had received threats to his life, and two men allegedly posted a video threatening the pastor. We’re talking here about Pastor Jay Israel, whose death was widely circulated on the Internet. According to sources, Jay Chou has now passed away, and there are many sources claiming this news. While earlier threats were made in his name by two anonymous men, the case is now widely publicized and hyped. Stay tuned for details on the case and Jay Pastor as we report.

Who is Jay Israel?

Speaking of Jay Chou, who is a self-proclaimed prophet, he mentioned and said many controversial remarks earlier. Although it was mentioned earlier that Jay Chou was involved in many controversies, his death shocked many people, and he was threatened with life by many people earlier because of what he said in public. Although it was only a rumor on the Internet earlier, it is now reported that the pastor or Jay has passed away. South African reporter Solomon Izang said that he had interacted with Jay’s sister and mentioned expressing condolences to Jay’s sister. So is my sister.

Is the prophet Jay Israel dead?

Although this news has not been officially announced, as claimed by many powerful sources, maybe this news is accurate, but it cannot be officially announced because it has not been confirmed by official sources. Jay, on the other hand, blatantly calls other pastors fake and he threatens others. Although it is mentioned that he has threatened many great pastors of SA like Prophet TB Joshua, Prophet Jeremiah Fufuin, Priest Chris, Johnson Suleiman, Adeboyem and Oyedpo. It is also mentioned that he has threatened many people like this pastor. According to one report, Jay threatened the pastor, adding that he would also expose them.

Prophet Jay Israel Death News Rumor Causes

Jay also threatened Pastor Macandiwa while he filmed the Prophet’s video and blackmailed him. And these attacks and blackmails against him are also a kind of threat. In an interview, Jay Chou even claimed to have slept with more than 1,000 killing queens, and even had a relationship with a mermaid. In order to please the mermaid, he even sacrificed a lot of things. He also mentioned in an interview that he used his sacrifices to gain power, wealth and respect. In another interview, he revealed how he used doves, red towels, and red horns to gain power and perform rituals in these times, gaining power, money, and cults in his church.

Although Jay Chou’s death has not been officially announced, the news about him extorting and threatening others is already very accurate, because he has been involved in many scams and helped many controversial things. The man was involved in numerous rituals and he publicly claimed to have done strange things, while adding that he did it all for fame and fortune. His cult topic is also well known among South Africans as he has spoken out about it.

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