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Jessica and Lisa Origliasso are not splitting, just releasing solo music

every australian who heard music Their hearts were completely broken earlier this week Speedwell Announce new solo musicleading to speculation that the two would go their separate ways forever.

However, we are delighted to confirm that the 37-year-old twins Lisa and Jessica Orilliasso Haven’t broken up with their joint 18-year-old music show. They are only releasing solo music for the first time.

“We didn’t break up, we just released solo music,” Jesse told 9Honey fame, highlighting the launch of their new song. vodka cruiserThe Solo Project, an initiative of The Solo Project, aims to break down the barriers surrounding women’s personal pleasure.

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Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso have confirmed that they will not separate The Veronicas, they will only release solo music. (Getty)

“We’re strong together, but equally strong,” Jesse continued. “There is no real division, [we’re] Go alone. “

Jesse said she and her sister have always been “happy” to be able to express themselves individually in the world as artists, a process which she says was also “personally empowering” because the sisters ” were celebrating each other” and their fans can get to know each sister beyond a shared identity.

“It’s actually a big deal because it’s not just a band doing solos,” Lisa told 9Honey Celebrity.

“We’re talking about twin sisters who basically have to share every part of our lives. Although we have separate lives, you know, people’s news flashes, we’re incredibly intertwined.

It was a process that Lisa described as “very transformative”.

“It was really our first defining moment as creatives, to be able to connect more deeply and more intimately on a whole new level,” she said. “It was actually very transformative and being able to step back and respect each other as individual artists.”

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Jessie both released her singles look at the stars Today – and Lisa – her single is sail alone — acquiescing in “friendly and healthy competition” between the two during their solo musical reception isn’t exactly what they said sparked a rift.

In fact, they say they have such different personal tastes in music that it’s an opportunity for them to use their personal passions to be creative without having to cede usual control to another sibling.

Lisa points out that they are also “each other’s biggest fans” – Lisa laughs as she remembers having Jesse with her while filming the music video sail alone, and described Jesse as a “stage mom” because she “makes sure [Lisa] obtain [her] Good lighting. “

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“Early on in the band, as twins, people naturally pitted you against each other,” Lisa said, noting how the two grew up together as teenagers, and were often asked questions such as who was the messy, A best singer or best cook.

“We are naturally always competing against each other, because that’s what society does when you’re polyploid, and I think that’s an interesting thing in society.

“I basically think [competition] It lives in our hearts, but it’s all good and fun. “

Jessie and Lisa’s songs and music videos are now available via Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. A limited number of vinyl records are also available with vodka. cruiser.

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