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Juice WRLD’s girlfriend Ally Lotti denies that the rapper died from a drug overdose

Juice WRLD’s girlfriend, Ally Lotti, claims the young entertainer’s death was not an accidental drug overdose.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Juice WRLD’s girlfriend Ally Lotti questions rapper’s death

Ally Lotti took to his social media pages and allegedly started making fun of those who thought Juice WRLD had died of an overdose.

Although she didn’t reveal any details to back up her claim, Lottie’s comments suggest that something else may have happened to the lucid dream singer.

She said: “You’re all crazy because I’m really like, ‘Oh blah blah blah, you think he died of an overdose. You are wrong! You are wrong!”

Additionally, she said: ‘Literally, you’re wrong, so that sucks. OKAY? ‘

She continued, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know, I make myself sad, and I make you all sad, and then I talk crazy things about myself.” I do not care.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Lottie has tried to stir up a conspiracy linked to the death of rapper Lean Wit Me.

Earlier this year, she uploaded a detailed video explaining the day Juice WRLD died. In the clip, she says she can’t share much until she feels “safe.”

He can be heard saying, ‘If people knew what happened the day before Jarad died, and the day Jarad died and stuff like that, I can’t say that now. But I will. I can. ‘

Lottie added: “I just have to make sure I’m safe. Know that you have my full support. I can’t let Jarad’s legacy live. Jarad would never do that to any of his fans.

However, shortly after posting the video, Lottie immediately removed it from the internet.

Learn more about Juice WRLD’s death

Juice WRLD flew a private jet from Los Angeles Van Senais Airport to Chicago Midway International Airport in December 2019.

At this time, however, law enforcement was waiting in the field at Midway. Officials were reportedly told the plane may be carrying firearms and drugs.

Meanwhile, the Chicago native reportedly took “several unknown pills” after landing, hoping to hide them from officers during the search.

However, the rapper suffered cardiac arrest and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


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