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Kaam Purush Web Series 2023 Prime Shots App, Release Date, Trailer, All New Episodes, Star Cast & More!

OTT platforms are one of the most used apps these days, with new content in every app and far fewer subscriptions. OTT is more popular these days than actually going to the cinema and seeing a movie. On the other hand, watching serials privately and watching them privately has become a trend. While there are many platforms on the internet to watch private videos and series that can turn your dreams into reality. One such family of apps that has become popular recently is the Prime shots app. The app releases new series every week and has been entertaining viewers for a long time.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Where can I watch the Kaam Purush web series?

The Prime Shot app has launched a new series called Kaam Purush, which will be released on the app soon. The app, called Prime Shots, is distributing content on a massive scale, so it gets views quickly, and it has a very low subscription rate. This lower subscription rate and more content attracts many viewers, which is why many people are attracted to this app more often. There are many other web dramas along with romance, daring, thriller and suspense genres that attract viewers on the Prime shot app, which is why more people rent this app.

Kaam Purush web series release date

Now talking about the upcoming web series on the prime shot app called Kaam Pruush, then the series trailer was released earlier on the app’s youtube channel, then the trailer was also released on the 27thday December 2022. While the series’ trailers arguably drew viewers, the storyline is also impressive, with twists and turns. While the characters in this story have had a rollercoaster ride. The series of stories revolved around a magician who performed a spell that went wrong and the characters had to go through hardships.

Kaam Purush Web Series Star Cast

Now coming to the cast and crew of the series, which features Aliya Naaz and Shyna Khatri.Although the trailer for the series has come out, the release date of the series has been mentioned by the team and it is scheduled to be released on the 1stYingshi January 2023, this weekend. Now talking about the rest of the cast of the series, not much information about it has been revealed but it has been mentioned that Pihu Sharma will also play a supporting role in the series. While the series revolves around couples, the genres of the series are called Romance, Drama and 18+. Currently, the app publishes the series only in Hindi.

Now speaking of the episode’s storyline, the trailer features a woman casting a spell through a five-poison doll and giving it to the show’s heroine. When she put the doll in front of the man she liked, the soul of her husband was exchanged with the man she liked, and the two had a tacit understanding. The wife in this story is dissatisfied with her husband, and she turns that idea into going to a magician. When she placed the doll near the legs of someone she wanted to get close to, she accidentally placed it in front of a woman and then a strange man. Things change when she gets up close and personal with a stranger.

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