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King Charles III pledges “lifelong service” as he thanks his “darling mama” – Brospar Daily News

King Charles III He gave his first speech as king to the British people on Friday after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. For most Britons, the Queen was the only monarch they knew and her death marked the end of an era spanning seven decades.

“It is with deep sadness that I speak to you today,” King Charles said in his address. “Her Majesty, my beloved mother, was an inspiration to her throughout her life. A model for me and all my family, we owe him the most sincere debt that a family can owe to its mother.

Charles back to london Earlier Friday, after spending the night at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the Queen died. In a national address broadcast during a televised memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, he spoke of his mother’s dedication to the country.

“Today I reiterate my commitment to serve you for life,” said Charles.

In the capital, crowds welcomed the new king and his wife Camilla, queenCharles’ speech was recorded as they entered Buckingham Palace.

Members of the public and government gathered at St Paul’s Church observed a minute’s silence before the end of King Charles’ speech.

“As the Queen herself has done with unwavering devotion, I solemnly promise that for the remainder of my God-given time, I will uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our country. Whether you live in the UK or anywhere in the world Territory and territory, whatever your background or beliefs, I will strive to serve you with loyalty, respect and love.

Charles said he had given his heir William his former title of Prince of Wales and expressed his support for his youngest son Harry and his wife Meghan.

“I know that alongside Catherine, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will continue to inspire and lead our national conversation, helping to bring the fringes to the heart where vital help can be provided…I also want to express my love for Harry and May Root continues to build its life overseas.

The new king ended his speech with warm words to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

“To my dear mum, I just have to say this as you embark on the last great journey of reunion with my late father. Thanks. Thank you for your love for our family and for the nation you have worked so hard to serve over the years and for your dedication. May the flight of angels sing to you and rest you.

The royal transition comes at a time when Britain is facing economic challenges. With the war in Russia Ukraine to lead to energy crisisTruss announced a decision on Thursday to cap heating and electricity prices for the next two years.

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