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Lagos lawyer Bolanle Murder Case Updates, Two Arrested For Shooting, All Charges Explained!

Hello everyone, finally 2 people have been arrested for shooting dead Lagos lawyer Bolanle. The superintendent’s assistant confirmed the story that two of the men were arrested in connection with the recent killing of a lawyer named Bolanle Raheem. First of all, we would like to express our deepest apologies and sympathies to the family, may her soul rest in peace. She was brutally murdered when she was returning from Christmas on Sunday morning when two men stopped her car.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Two arrested over shooting of Lagos lawyer Bolanle

Blind shooting / The motive behind this incident remains unknown, but she was unable to receive medical attention in time to survive. Both are currently in custody and Lagos Police Command Public Relations Officer Benjamin Hundeyin, who is in charge of the case, is investigating the matter. A member of the Nigerian Bar Association, she is just starting her career, but she is a rising name in the field, and she is also recognized by the president of the association.

Lagos lawyer Bolanle murder update

Her body was immediately sent for forensic examination, she had been shot several times, it was really horrific, and she had no enemies. In fact, as her family said, it could have been a professional dispute. Her contribution is commendable, short but still important, and we need more people like her who are passionate about this work and willing to sacrifice their lives.

What happened to Lagos lawyer Bolanle?

We don’t have any information on family and relationship details as she can’t be found on social media sites or Wikipedia and she is preoccupied with her family as a mother. She is a professional woman and it was a very proud moment for her when she joined this association and fought for what was right. She does an amazing job for her clients and everyone gives her positive feedback.

Maybe she was suing the two and that’s why he shot her. This could have been avoided, but unfortunately, it was not, and we hope to get justice for her as she did for her client in court. We’ll be back with more explosive stories, and stay tuned to our site. She has always been a true brave person who would rise to a challenge without hesitation.

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