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Lambrecht Silvester Neujahr Video, Full Lambrecht’s New Year’s Eve Video Explained!

We are here to inform you of a shocking incident involving the Minister of Defence, whose name Lambrecht has been coming up and has now been criticized many times, so make sure you will read this until the last few of her New Years The video has circulated on social media platforms and there is now a lot of chatter, with some commenting on whether the minister should apologize or resign.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Lambrecht Silvester Neujahr Videos

On New Year’s Eve in Berlin as we know, the first firework display takes place and we can clearly see a woman emerging, wearing a sky blue blazer, standing across the road from East German buildings, tourists as well as photography of the capital One of the subjects that is well known to those interested in fashion.

Lambrecht’s New Year’s Eve Video Explained

Now there are a few questions about her job, does she resign or continue this job because it is one of the forms of choice, why the loud firecrackers and many politicians are irritated because of the first sight, we know there are some places And people there feel uncomfortable when setting off firecrackers because they are very loud and it is during New Years.

However, one of them came up to her and told her that it was a clip-on microphone recommended for this time period, it was very windy that day and we could clearly see her hair, so the person who took the video was also during the study period , it is one of the professional locks, but according to the minister, she also mentioned that there are many special impressions that can be achieved.

She also talks about the war in Ukraine and mentions not to forget the many encounters with these interesting people. Yes, you might be curious, but yes, her words and statements show a lack of empathy. There are many people in Berlin who are spending New Years with their loved ones, and they may hear the explosion, which is very loud, and she shows a lack of empathy in the video.

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