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Liger is set to be Southern superstar Vijay Deverakonda’s Bollywood debut album. Does he really need it, given that his dubbed movies are already a huge hit on OTT? Unfortunately, with the film going into production hell due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can see that these shortcomings really affect it. It lived up to the hype it generated. Vijay Deverakonda has some screen presence and definitely acts; there was never any controversy about it. He has undergone an incredible physical transformation to look like a professional MMA fighter.

The Liger (Vijay Deverakonda) was called because of his father, who was also a warrior himself, known as Balalaam the Lion. His mother Baramani (Ramia Krishna) thinks she’s a tigress, so he’s a cross between a lion and a tiger, so a liger, you know? Balamani is definitely a mother tiger and she wants her son to be bigger and better than his father. So she goes to Mumbai and asks a well-known mixed martial arts trainer (played by Ronette Roy) to take him on as a student. Ligers are naturally gifted, and they defeat all of Master’s disciples in one fell swoop. Time and time again, his coach and mother tell him to stay away from women, but predictably he falls in love with a spoiled rich kid, Tanya (Ananya Panday), a media influencer social. In a hilarious twist, however, she rejects him because he has a speech impediment. But wait, towards the end, it turns out that all she does is show hate for him, so he’ll hate her, and that hate will fuel his ambition to be the #1 fighter in MMA. Talk about reverse psychology. When the time comes, the liger becomes national champion then, thanks to a wealthy patron, lands in the United States for the international championship. The boss’s daughter, who turned out to be Tanya, was kidnapped, so Liger apparently went on a rescue mission. You see, the man behind the kidnapping turns out to be Liger’s childhood hero, Mark Henderson (Mike Tyson), the former undisputed heavyweight champion of mixed martial arts. At this point, things get so complicated that you really don’t care what comes up next.

The fight choreography is really great. Whether it’s in the gym, in the ring, or in a fight scene with Mike Tyson, every fight scene has been carefully crafted. Although it’s hard to understand how Vijay Deverakonda beats someone as big and tough as Mike Tyson. Still, the action scenes are smooth and the best part of this movie. Vijay Deverakonda struggles with his kicks, punches and fights. He looks like an MMA fighter every square inch. But even his well-oiled, muscular shoulders aren’t enough to keep the film from faltering. Ramya Krishnan shines as a mother, Ronit Roy struggles to channel her inner Mr. Miyagi, and Ananya Panday tries to be a cool influencer but gets hurt writing.

Overall, the Liger is an example of a missed opportunity. Vijay Deverakonda is a real star and certainly hopes for a better movie than Liger for his Bollywood debut. Even his boundless charisma and dedication were not enough to lift him up.

Trailer: Liger

Neeshita Nyayapati, August 25, 2022 at 10:00 PM EST

Critical note:


Liger’s story: A chaiwala From Mumbai seeks to shine in the MMA sport. But his life changed when he fell in love.

Liger review: Prie Jagnard liger With so much hype surrounding it before its release, there are only two ways to make it go away. Or it will continue to be a huge hit. Or spectacular reservoir. Since the movie doesn’t feature anything new, other than Vijay Deverakonda’s new body, it’s not hard to guess how it will turn out.
Liger (Vijay Devilakonda), inarticulate and stuttering, is raised by a single mother, Balamani (Ramia Krishnan), who wants her son to be a mixed martial artist, especially Jeet Kune Do, just like his father. She takes him to Mumbai to train with a famous trainer (Ronette Roy) in hopes that he can win a national championship. So this film is a sports drama, isn’t it? No. Despite being told to stay focused, Liger falls in love with a social media influencer named Tanya (Ananya Panday), who pursues him relentlessly after seeing him fight. The only question? She is the sister of his nemesis Sanju (Vishu). So it’s the love story of a rich girl and a poor boy, isn’t it? No. And then there’s Mark Anderson (Mike Tyson), the liger’s childhood hero, who joins the circle in the weirdest way possible. So it’s a stupid commercial movie, isn’t it? Yes, unfortunately it is not good.

Puri is never very logical, but he makes his character so… “dumb,” as Mike calls Liger in one scene, and you can’t help but wonder why smarter writing wasn’t involved. Although she is the younger sister of a martial artist, Tanya calls Liger “Chinese” because of the way he fights, calls his form of martial arts “kung fu” and is very surprised to see him hit the floor. Are we to believe that she has never seen her own brother fight in the ring or even know what martial art he practices? Baramani warns his son to stay away’Deyaru‘(Demon), class women as beautiful goblins who will ruin his life. The scenes are written in a cringe-inducing way. While it’s good for Puri to stop going all out on misogyny (kinda), like he usually tends to do, he can’t help but spoil a well-choreographed fight scene involving women. , as well as a scene that sees Ananya Use rude. conversations with his friends. Also, why are professional MMA fighters surprised that women can do krav maga in 2022?

Leaving aside the lack of logic, liger No footprints were left as the way it was written was not innovative at all. The film follows the usual pattern of sports dramas, mixed with commercial films – which is good, but not well done. Sunil Kashyap’s soundtrack and Vishnu Sharma’s photographs are elegant, but they won’t keep you interested for long either. Vijay jumps from his heart inside Akdi Pakdi and Coke 2.0 But the songs don’t fit into a story like this. The rest of the songs, especially the ones in question Arfat She’s a lady, so it’s fight scenes. Even the liger’s stutter is used as a handy plot device.

Coming to the only good part of this movie – Vijay from Vlaconda. His dialogue, especially since he stutters, may be hit and miss, but the actor certainly brings sincerity to his character. Liger, his character, is very monotonous. The way his trainer and his mother (more of the latter than the first) tend to deliver a tirade, you wonder if the character will experience growth, which never will. Although a chaiwala Mumbai’s door was conveniently opened to him when needed, which kept him from having a lot of “fights”. Yet, Vijay doesn’t just look fit and handsome. It makes you want to root for the character. Unfortunately, the hardware does not allow you to do this.

Ramya Krishnan was chosen to support the mother, but she often shouted. Ananya Panday looks lovely, but there’s clearly plenty of room for improvement when it comes to acting. Getup Srinu is hilarious in some scenes, even if the dialogue offered to him is silly. Ali, Ronit Roy, Vishu and the rest of the cast are great. Mike Tyson’s highly publicized cameo was a disappointment, but he wrote a very shocking scene for fans. No one bought this ending.

Ironically, Liger is asked to focus multiple times in the film, but the script itself doesn’t have the same focus. Things keep happening for no reason, and Puri fails to provide a satisfying conclusion to any of the leads. Vijay deserves better, and so do we. As the filmmakers promised, Valaga DIYAbut not very good.

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