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Liz Truss’ energy bills package slammed by expert as ‘short-term fix’ – ‘Keep her word’

Liz Truss unveiled her new plan yesterday to help miserly Brits weather the current energy price crisis. The 56th Prime Minister’s plan, dubbed ‘Home Help’, would introduce a price cap of £2,500 for the typical UK household by 2024.

She claims it will help save the average family £1,000 a year.

It will also introduce a new six-month regime that will cap energy prices for businesses and public sector organisations.

Ms Truss told MPs: ‘I will end the UK’s short-term approach to energy security and supply once and for all.

“That’s what I promised on the steps of Downing Street.

“Today, we are firmly delivering on that promise.

at: “Why is he laughing? Truss shut down Starmer with a blunt rebuke “responsible for this!”

“It will help us build a stronger, more resilient and safer Britain.”

Prime Minister Kwasi Kwarteng confirmed earlier this week that the program would be funded in the short term through increased borrowing.

Labor is, however, urging No 10 to consider extending the windfall tax on energy companies.

Former Opposition Leader and Shadow Climate Change Minister Ed Miliband said:[Ms Truss] Clearly, she is against the windfall tax.

“We know the impact of this and that means all the costs fall on the British people.”

An expert also suggested that while the program was helping vulnerable families, it was failing to get to the root of the problem.

“Now that she is Prime Minister, she must keep her word.

“We need a national insulation scheme to permanently lower the bill.

“Delaying this investment adds billions of dollars to our bill every year.”

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