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Liz Truss news: Tory civil war! New PM has ‘huge problem’ in fight to hold onto power

The new Prime Minister took over from Boris Johnson this week and wasted no time Complete redesign of his former cabinetbrought him many allies. Liz Truss Faced with the daunting task of putting Britain back on a level playing field, one of her priorities is to find ways to successfully manage the disruption Cost of life crisis. But the new Tory leader has been warned she must act quickly to get her squeal together Conservative party Under Mr Johnson, this has been engulfed in numerous scandals.

Alistair Jones, associate professor of political science at De Montfort University in Leicester, explained why the results of the Tory leadership race have once again highlighted a “dividing party”.

He believes that the support shown during the election campaign within the parliamentary party is “far from resounding support”, while many ministers still want Mr Johnson to remain Prime Minister.

The political expert told Express.co.uk: ‘The Conservative leadership election results show a divided party. Liz Strath won less than half of the party’s eligible votes.

“In the parliamentary party, while Truss came second in this pick, it was far from a ringing endorsement. She could be a ‘Stop Mordaunt’ or ‘Stop Sunak’ candidate, not in ‘Liz for Leader’ The last two of the campaign.

“On top of that, a significant percentage of Tories and MPs actually want Boris Johnson to stay on as Prime Minister.

“Even before she was sworn in as Prime Minister earlier this week, there was already speculation of a leadership campaign against Liz Truss.”

Prof Jones further warned that this was quickly creating a ‘huge problem’ for Ms Truss as it risked damaging her chances of winning the next general election, due in May 2024.

He believes that if she does not react loudly to the cost of living crisis and Brexit, she could become “the shortest Tory leader and Prime Minister in history”.

The political pundit concluded: ‘It’s a huge problem for Liz Truss right now. If a party is not united, it cannot win an election.

“The question will be how quickly the internal sniping will start. Typically, the new prime minister has a 100-day grace period to get the job done. This tends to be after the election. Truss might be lucky to have 10 days.

“His position could quickly become vulnerable if people are seen to have failed to respond adequately to the energy and cost of living crisis and Brexit concerns. The same could apply if Sunak won.

When asked how damaging it would be to her if she did not bridge the widening divide within the party, Prof Jones replied: ‘It could make Truss the shortest Tory leader and prime minister in the ‘story.

“The leadership election shows how divided the party is. Even Johnson’s farewell speech, which saw him summon Cincinnatus, was a threat.

“Cincinnatus left politics to work in agriculture, but returned to politics after many years. Johnson likely still sees unfinished business as prime minister of this country.

“The problem remains because some of his followers refuse to serve under Truss. It’s detrimental to Truss’ status as Prime Minister.

During his first premiership (PMQ) on WednesdayMs Truth insisted she was ‘focused on’ the ‘serious issues’ facing the UK in the challenge of holding a general election.

Labor’s Alex Davies-Jones told the House of Commons: “The new Prime Minister is finally in office. But don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t have the support of the British public.

“She can’t even count on the support of her own MP, and the people of Pontypridd will never forget that she played a key role in a government that failed millions. Well, she’s finally going to do what’s right and decent now and an election? »

The Prime Minister replied: “As a country, we are facing very serious problems; partly because of the Covid fallout, partly because of Putin’s war in Ukraine. What the British want is that they want a government that will solve the problem.

“That’s what I’m determined to do as Prime Minister, to solve the energy crisis, to get our economy back on track, to make sure people can get doctor’s appointments. That’s what I’m focused on. concentrate. “

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