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Loo paper sees massive inflation despite rolls getting SMALLER

The cost of toilet paper has increased by 15% in one year, making it the fastest growing non-food item after kitchen paper. inflation This was exacerbated by the simultaneous “shrinking and expanding” of the product, as the rollers simultaneously shortened by 8%.

The shocking figures are part of an analysis by shopping comparison site Trolley.co.uk for The Telegraph, which was based on a survey of different brands and pack sizes. Ocado saw the biggest increase in average prices, with the average price of toilet paper rising by 23% to £1.24.

Meanwhile, toilet paper prices in Iceland have risen by an average of 21% (£1.07). Aldi recorded the smallest price increase at 3.4%, or £0.09.

Lidl is not included in the data.

Due to inflation, rising toilet paper prices easily outpaced the consumer price index, which hit 10.1% in July, and analysts expect it to hit 9, 9% in August. The typical roll is also down 6% to 8% from a year ago.

Worldwide, Charmin 18 packs in the US now contain 244 two-ply sheets per roll, down from 264. Shrinkage occurs when an item shrinks in size or quality while the price remains the same or increases.

A similar phenomenon hit chocolatiers earlier this year, with Twix owner Mars announcing that the popular candy bar would be reduced by 15%. A spokesperson for the chocolate company said that although it had “absorbed rising raw material costs” for some time, it was under “increasing pressure” to reduce production costs.

Dairy Milk has also recently reduced the size of its share bar by 10% – from 200g to 180g, while the price remains at £2.

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Last month, the maker of Andrex said its plant in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, would replace a third of its natural gas consumption with hydrogen produced by local wind and solar power.

Toilet paper prices could be higher as wholesale toilet paper prices hit a record €2,200 (£1,914) a tonne this week, from less than €900 (£783) in January. last year. Bloomberg.

New Prime Minister Liz Truss today announced she will set a £2,500 cap on energy prices and lift a ban on fracking to curb inflation.

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