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Love Island’s Haris Street Fight Video After He ‘dumped’ from The Villa

Love Island Season 9, one of the most popular and anticipated reality TV show, currently remains the talk of the town among everyone, since the recent episode aired and left a huge shock wave. . Yes, you heard right, during the last episode, contestant Haris Namani had to leave the Villa due to his arguments and behavior with the other contestants. In short, Haris was dropped from the show after the street fight video came out, somehow his fans are in shock to see him walk out of the villa as he was doing his best well in the series.

Love Island Haris

Since then, the creators have made a decision, there is a wave of rage among Namani admirers as they want to see him back at the Villa, but the things he created were not good enough and so, they had to make the decision by sending it. . Because things were getting worse with the other contestants and so, and the ITV star quit the show while involved in a clash, even footage obtained by The Sun appears to show Haris in a street brawl. The behavior was not expected of him and thus, his fans remain upset as well.

Haris Namani fired from Love Island?

In the midst of all this, a few Love Island contestants claim that it was a planned elimination, because before that why they didn’t take any action when things got so messed up. But this time they considered the behavior when it was as normal as the last arguments so the plot overthrows the decision makers themselves. Even, a few insiders are happy with his elimination as he deserved to be in the series, and hence, they also express their rage expecting his reintegration into the series soon, but as far as we are concerned, there is no possibility of his arrival now.

So here we have mentioned such information which has been taken from other prominent sources, and so, if you want to delve a little deeper, you can stream the latest episode and the controversial video which is believed to be the basis for this planned eliminations. The entire video is available on social media and so you will easily get it by searching for the right keyword because it is setting everyone on fire. So stay tuned with us for more and follow Social Telecast.

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