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Mallipoo Web Series Jollu App All Episodes, Release Date, Trailer, All New Episodes, Star Cast & More!

There are many web series applications available online. While many of them have been watched on a massive scale, there are still some web series that are heavily watched for their content. Online dramas have become a trend now, with many episodes and long plots, people now prefer to watch online dramas instead of going out to watch movies. In this case language is a barrier that comes up when watching web series as there are many web series in multiple languages ​​and there are many regions in India. Although there are now new apps that remove such barriers and prefer regional languages ​​these days.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Where can I watch the Mallipoo web series?

One such app that has been talked about and recently become popular in the south is called the Jollu app. Jollu app is a web drama app that has released web dramas on the platform for a long time. While this app releases many web series, viewers are already connected and are also watching web series extensively. It can be said that the web dramas on this app are very popular in private messages, and the web dramas are newly released on the app at a time interval of one week. As a result, viewers can see new content every week, and they can also enjoy web series on a regional language level.

Mallipoo Web Series Trailer

Stay tuned as we introduce details about the newly released web series on this app. A newly released web series on the Jollu app is called Mallippoo. The web series has been released on the app and has been watched by many viewers. With the launch of the new web drama on the APP, many viewers watched it one after another. This web drama is very popular. The Mallipoo web series is written and directed by SM Mohhamed Azarudeen. While making is done under the label of Jollu app. The posters and trailers of the web drama were released as early as November last year, when the web drama attracted much attention.

Mallipoo web series release date

Mallippo web series launches on Jollu app on 22ndnd The November 2022 web series is about love, romance and coming of age, while also exploring the love angles of many people, both men and women. The language for publishing the web series is Tamil. Although there are many well-known and experienced actors in this web series, the main protagonists are Ranjitha and Nimisha. The names of other actors have not been cleared by the producers. Now when it comes to the web series genre, it’s drama and romance and at the same time in this web series there are a lot of adult scenes and there are a lot of romance scenes as well.

Now let’s talk about the plot of the web drama, then the web drama revolves around two friends who are closer than friends. Nimisha and Ranjitha will play the role of two friends in this web series which develops the two friends’ feelings for each other. What happened next was both funny and dramatic as the couple lived through the bullying and also went through the many tough phases of the relationship as they went through the tough times.

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