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Masked man seen at home of girl who talked to ‘catfish’ tied to case only days after bodies found › scandleusa

A masked man was found hiding outside a schoolgirl’s residence after a deal was struck with a ‘catfish’ account linked to the Delphi murders, comments say.

Police questioned several of Kegan Kline’s fake social media accounts in August 2020 after the bodies of our top colleagues Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, were found in Indiana in 2017.

Libby German (left) and Abigail Williams (right) were murdered in February 2017Credit score: FB
Police believe the suspect could also be a white man, wearing jeans, a hoodie and a blue jacket on the day the women were murderedCredit Score: Indiana State Police
Kegan Kline (pictured), 28, was involved in the Delphi murders but was never named a suspect


Kegan Kline (pictured), 28, involved in the Delphi murders but would never be called a suspectCredit Score: Miami County Detention Center

Klein is not listed as a suspect in the double homicide, but one of his social media accounts, @anthony_shots, was reportedly linked to Libby before her death.

According to police interviews obtained by the Homicide Sheet podcast, Klein was linked to an incident involving a third female student on February 21, 2017 – days after Libby and Abigal died.

According to WTHR, Klein allegedly knew the woman’s family and police say he also searched for family details online on February 19.

On August 19, 2020, a police investigator who interviewed Klein told him that the woman noticed “the man with the ski mask trying it on his bedroom window immediately after the Anthony Pictures deal.”

“In fact, it was the last incident that sparked everything else,” police said.

Delphi murder victim, 14,
Major update on Delphi murders, chilling new details of teenage death

“That’s how it all started, and the last one was this event,” he added, to which Klein replied, “It’s crazy.”

Klein, 28, admitted to using fake profiles on Instagram and Snapchat to trick underage women into sending nude photos after his social media activities came under police investigation.

He was arrested in August 2020 after police raided his residence and found over 100 photos and films of underage women on some digital products.

He remains in custody after being charged with 30 crimes, including possession of child pornography, exploitation of children and solicitation of sex from a minor.

Libby and Abby were reported missing the day before, while their home was discovered while climbing Delphi’s historic trails while at university on Valentine’s Day 2017.

A key piece of evidence was a short video Libby filmed on her phone showing a white man, dressed in jeans, a hoodie and a blue jacket, with his hands in his pockets, facing a bridge on a bridge. Walk towards the eighth graders.

The man the police imagined had killed the lady coldly told them, “Hey guys, come down the hill.”

After Libby’s death, @anthony_shots’ profile told another he should have done it with her, “but she never confirmed,” WTHR reports.

During a 2020 police interview, Klein admitted to having a relationship with Libby, but denied any allegations of wrongdoing.

‘No idea’

“I don’t really know how this woman died,” Klein told investigators. “I don’t know what, what has that got to do with it.” Yeah, it’s probably a weird coincidence that I talked to him and it was like I understood.

He also claimed – without naming names – that he was not the only one who grabbed the fake social media account.

That same year, police questioned Klein in an attempt to figure out what others might have put in his gadget, WTHR reported.

“I could actually sit here and tell you, I don’t think you just killed Libby,” a detective told Klein.

They said they believed a second person was talking to Libby and Abby on her gadget.

After repeatedly asking his father, Jerry Anthony Kline, if he knew his password, Kline said, “I won’t let my dad use my phone for long periods of time or anything like that.”

Tony has a legal report and convictions for sexual harassment, assault and theft.

“Wild Goose Hunt”

For the past two weeks, police have searched a river in nearby Peru.

The river was about 40 miles from where Libby and Abby were killed and about two miles from Klein’s house.

While police declined to say whether the river search was linked to the Klein or Delphi murders, sources familiar with the investigation told The Homicide Sheet podcast that it was.

Libby’s mother, Carrie German, told US Solar she feared the search for the river was just a “wild goose chase”.

“My concern is if he’s trying to make a plea deal or whatever, what if he’s just lying? What if he’s full of bullshit? Because he seems like a liar to me,” she said.

“If he drags us into another wild chase, it could be harrowing.”

Carrie was “frequently let down” during the five-and-a-half-year-long homicide investigation.

The Homicide podcast recently claimed that the FBI did not obtain surveillance footage from a gas station in Delphi at the start of the investigation.

“I was barely shocked because I might have expected the local police department to fumble the ball like that, but I didn’t expect the FBI to do that,” Carrie said.

Libby’s older sister, Kelsi German, tries tirelessly to figure out what happened to her younger sister.

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She is currently studying Forensic Science at Purdue University and hopes to serve different families who are also suffering from the tragedy in the future.

“Anytime they leak information, whether it’s to us or to the public, it will always bring stale wounds,” Kelsey told American Solar.

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