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Met Office storm warning: Millions on weather alert for floods as ‘heavy rain’ to smash UK

A yellow rain warning came into effect Monday from midnight to 11 a.m., affecting the North West of England and Wales, where millions of Britons live. Areas such as Manchester, Merseyside and Blackpool are under heavy rain warnings, with up to 80mm of rain likely to fall early this week.

In the Met Office warning, they said ‘some households and businesses could experience flooding’ in places where the rain is heaviest, as well as ‘potential disruption to electricity and other services’.

He added: “Following rain on Sunday afternoon and evening, further heavy rain is expected to hit parts of North Wales and North England from Monday morning.

“It will move slowly over a period of time and there could be areas of 20-40mm and some 60-80mm which are mainly used in parts of North West Wales.

“As most of the rain will fall within three to six hours, there may be some disruption, particularly on Monday morning travel.”

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Greg Dewhurst said rain in Northern Ireland “would go east across northern England on Sunday evening”.

He told the Mirror: ‘The rain will continue to push east and south as we head into Monday, with sunshine and showers in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“The south and south-east of the UK still retain warm sunny weather. Tuesday was a bit cooler for everyone as the rain in the southeast cleared.

“But we will see a return of the sun, especially in the north and west. Temperatures are generally between the 1920s and 1920s.”

The Environment Agency has also issued flood warnings and 11 flood warnings across the UK, including five for North West England.

The warning, in effect at the Wye estuary at Brockweir, was issued due to high tide.

The tides were at their highest between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Sunday, and the government flood service added: “Flooding on properties, roads and farmland may occur at these times, but conditions may apply to two or two sides of high tide. four hours.

“The current series of high tides will continue for the next two days, but will begin to recede after tonight’s high tide.”

Netweather.tv meteorologist Terry Scholey wrote for the agency’s website that sunny days on Sunday will be “briefly short for the west and north, followed by further bursts of rain in Northern Ireland and across far west”.

However, he wrote: ‘In stark contrast, Monday was sunny and dry across much of southern England, East Anglia and the Midlands, and was also very warm on another recovery. end of summer.

“But by Tuesday or mid-week, cooler conditions in the north should finally reach southern England, with some showers likely before that.”

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