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M&S sparks customer fury as it makes major change in cafe to save water and energy

The UK is in a Cost of life In the current crisis, prices are soaring in all sectors. With energy prices expected to skyrocket again in October, everyone is changing and sacrificing to save money. Last month, Ofgem announced that from 1 October 2022 the price cap for dual-fuel energy for the average household would rise to £3,549 per year.

Now, Marks & Spencer Significant changes are being made for customers.

The popular retailer is ditching teacups and saucers in favor of mugs at many of its cafes.

Moving means saving water and energy, as it cleans one cup faster instead of two pieces of dishes. A spokesperson said the initiative had been tested but was now rolled out to more than 50 cafes across the country.

They said: “We started offering our customers porcelain cups instead of cups and saucers to reduce water and energy consumption.

“It reduces water consumption because fewer items need to be washed. We’ve tested it in 10 cafes and are now rolling it out to 50 more. Customer feedback has been positive.

Regulars Ron and Jennifer Moore, from Birmingham, told the Daily Mail they were disappointed. “

The couple said: “They will be replaced by mugs and tea bags.

“It could cost them a lot of customers, especially if we pensioners love our teapots. They told us they had a lot of complaints from retirees.

“Staff thought it was the electricity bill to run the dishwasher so it seems to be purely a matter of economics.”

Read more: Soaring energy bills threaten zoo as Bristol closes

Marks and Spencer was not the only institution making sacrifices as Bristol Zoo, one of the world’s oldest zoos, closed for the last time on Saturday due to financial damage.

Now there are fears that others will follow. An example of this is Chester Zoo, with 20,000 animals and 5 national botanical collections on its 128 acres.

Its annual energy bill is usually estimated at £1.5million, but this year it is expected to reach £2million for the first time.

CEO Jamie Christon warns: ‘People still have money in their pockets [now] But they are very careful about how they spend their money. They probably won’t have that much money next year. “

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