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Mystery as purple cloud appears in sky over Chile leaving residents baffled

A mysterious lilac cloud has appeared over a town in Chile, leaving residents perplexed.

Confused residents spotted a spinning purple phenomenon above the town of Pozzo al Monte on Sunday morning.

Confusing purple cloud spotted over Pozzo al Monte, ChileCredit: @JeannetteQuim/CEN

A remarkable image shows violent colors across the horizon when taken during the day.

The enchanting cloud is believed to have been caused by a pump failure at a nearby mining plant.

Authorities launched an investigation into the purple haze after receiving numerous reports from locals.

The fluorescence emissions are suspected to be the result of iodine fumes escaping from the Caracalla mine.

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The site, owned by the Saltpetre and Iodine Company (Cosayach), reportedly failed with a pump, causing a purple cloud.

“We are carrying out inspections and this indicates to us that the incident was caused by a defect in the motor of the turbine pump”, explained Christian Ibanez, vice-governor of the Chilean region of Tarapaca.

According to environmental officials, the malfunction caused the mine’s diketone to change from a solid state to a gaseous state.

When heated, the element forms a purple vapor. Pure iodine is also purple.

Tarapaka Regional Representative Daniel Quinteros assured residents, “So far there have been no medical consultations or repercussions due to what we have been through.

“We are also in contact with the Environmental Regulation Authority so that tomorrow we can assess complaints about non-compliance with regulations and commitments made by companies on environmental issues.”

After the cloud disappeared, officials remained at the plant site for 48 hours to monitor the situation.

Previously, Australia had a special pink glow similar to Stranger Things.

Incredible footage from this breathtaking spectacle shows the night sky over Mildura, Victoria, in a circular pink color.

But to the chagrin of UFO enthusiasts, the explanation is a bit anti-climactic.

The enchanting glow actually comes from a nearby medicinal cannabis farm.

The shutters remain open in a growing hangar at Cann Pharmaceuticals, and powerful LED lights are dazzling.

The pink lights of the commercial harvest shed burst through the gaps, creating a sensational effect in the sky.

The purple steam is believed to have been caused by a malfunction at a nearby mine


The purple steam is believed to have been caused by a malfunction at a nearby mineCredit: @JeannetteQuim/CEN

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