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N.H. House Speaker Packard rebuffs calls for Jason Osborne to resign over use of racial slur – Brospar Daily News

Republican House Speaker Sherman Packard says he won’t ask House Majority Leader Jason Osborne to step down After posting a message in 2011 Osborn used racial slurs, arguing that Osborn had adequately apologized and should not be punished for his past.

“I know the Majority Leader regrets his past use of reckless and unacceptable language and is responsible for his errors in judgment,” Packard said in a statement to WMUR for the first time on Thursday.

“He was a tireless public servant and it would be a disservice to remove him from office,” Packard continued. “It’s not up to me to punish someone for something they regretted over 10 years ago.”

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The statement came hours after the New Hampshire Gazette published it. published a story It was confirmed Thursday that Osborn had written an article in which he repeatedly used the racial epithet of black in a liberal forum. Osborn used this insult to demonstrate the morality of holding objectionable opinions.

“If someone told you they supported lynching (racial slur) when in fact they were really inspired by the idea of ​​lynching (racial slur), would you associate yourself with that person?” Osborn, then 33, wrote, adding that his comments pointed to another forum user who was advocating for the right to hold hateful opinions without consequences. “Are you going to tell people about it? If you’re saying lynching (racial slurs) is a good idea than thinking a child (swearing) is a good idea, then that’s the source of the disconnect there.

Osborne, 45, apologized to the public in a statement, saying “this is not how I communicate today and I will never tolerate such a statement now”.

“I don’t remember writing this message almost a decade ago, which unfortunately contains language that I wouldn’t use today,” he said. “I was a different person 10 years ago who would not have understood the impact of such comments. Given the context, the purpose of this article is to expose racism and pedophilia.

A screenshot of the message was first posted online Tuesday by Kathleen Cavalaro, a Democrat running for state representation from Rochester. The ad then verified the post. The site was then taken down.

On Thursday, House Democratic Leader David Cotter called on Osborne to step down.

“While Chief Osborne’s apology for the use of racial slurs is certainly warranted, these posts show a continuing pattern of insensitive and disturbing comments during his submission this summer. These comments continued when his Twitter account was released.”

“Unfortunately, Chief Osborne seems more interested in stirring up discontent in the House than responding to it in a professional and respectful manner,” he added. “It is clear to me that Speaker Packard has lost control of his Majority Leader and that Congressman Osborne’s role as a member of the House leadership must be terminated.”

On Thursday, fellow Republican Chris Sununu condemned Osborne’s post, saying it was “grossly inappropriate” “under any circumstances”. Sununu did not respond to questions about whether Osborn should step down.

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