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Namita Thapar Ugly Fight With Anupam Mittal Video Went Viral On Social Media!

Recently in a recent episode we learned that Namita Thapar is coming out of a show called Shark Tank India 2 so you might be wondering what the exact reason for this ugly fight is so we’re here to tell you the whole thing and what to do with her There was an ugly fight with fellow shark Anupam Mittal, so we all know that Shark Tank gets a huge amount of love and support, but people are really shocked when they learn about the class.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Namita Thapar’s Ugly Fight With Anupam Mittal Video

It was a quiet and shocking episode when it became known that in the recent Shark Tank India promo we saw Namitha Thapar and Anupam Mittal get involved in a violent brawl while pitching on a show we know , they are also known for their unique and different pitching styles in different fields, from technology to medical.

Why Namita Thapar walked out of Shark Tank India 2?

So in the latest episode, supposedly a promo for Shark Tank, the Indian sharks clash on a one-page, and a bit serious. So as we all know this lady who has been representing her brand has come forward to tell us about nest roots which is an indian brand that has emerged and over 100,000 households are a part of it and they put their kitchens according to the presenter Restaurant furniture solutions.

Namita Thapar walks out of Shark Tank India 2, and why

When Vinita learned about the brand, she was very impressed, and Piyush also started asking if the brand was profitable, with a profit margin between 16% and 19%. Talking Namitha Thapar Society is 45 years old, executive director of an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company based in Maharashtra, Pune, she was born on March 21, 1997.

Speaking of Anupam Mittal, 48 years old this year, he is a member of shaadi.com and makaan.com, he has Indian nationality, was born on December 23, 1974 in Mumbai. He was a great investor businessman and entrepreneur who started this online matchmaking business when the internet adaptation came along. However, early on his business faced many failures, but he did not give up and took his business to a good position.

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