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Neighbour leaves furious note in apartment slamming resident for their DISGUSTING act on their balconies

A neighbor left an angry note in his building, blaming a resident for repeated disgusting behavior on his balcony.

Terrified landlords destroy ‘disgusting’ tenants who vomited on the side of the building in Sydney.

Mysterious vomit torments residents of Sydney apartment complexCredit: Alamy
Furious locals tear up a note posted inside a building

They seem to have rushed to their balcony when the mysterious vomit began to feel sick and vomit on the ground below.

However, the vomit spatter has already spread to other residents who were unlucky enough to be below them.

After getting tired of cleaning up rotten vomit, a neighbor decided to confront the resort’s anonymous sprayer.

They posted a note on a wall in the Redfern Building expressing their outrage at the sickening habit.

He said: “To the disgusting person who threw up on the edge of the balcony, stop doing that.

“Your neighbors don’t like cleaning up the vomit on our balconies, the outdoor furniture, the clothes we dry outside, or ourselves when we’re outside trying to enjoy our balconies when you decide to vomit.

“Respect your neighbors and leave your vomit in your own apartment.”

The post went viral on Reddit after social media users looked into the morbid situation.

One puzzled user wrote: “Actually this happens so often they have to write it down, like wow.

“I can understand and get over what happens once if they throw a party and their drunk friend walks by, but like… what?

“They don’t have a bathroom?” »

Another commented, “I’m going to put a tub on the balcony, pick up the vomit and respond to the gesture.”

Third suggestion: “Follow the vomit trail up the building until you reach a balcony with no vomit, then go down one level and it’s your vomit.”

A fourth joked: ‘It cemented my vision of living in an apartment again.

We have already told how a woman felt ashamed after receiving a note from a neighbor complaining about the noise coming from her home.

TikToker Amber explained that the letter asked her to close her windows at noon to stop the “animal sex” sound.

The wild resident slammed a mother’s parenting skills and said she was going to put her children in a car to put them to sleep.

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