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Nepalese Pilot Couple Deepak Pokhral & Wife Anju Khatiwada Killed In Plane Crash, What Happened To Them?

We’re here to inform you of a very shocking incident straight from a social media platform and we’re sorry to announce such news so make sure you read this because we’re here with you about the pilot The couple died in a plane crash in Nepal. Anju Khatiwada She was the one who joined Yeti Airlines Nepal in 2010 as she followed in her husband’s footsteps, but sad news came that the pilot was killed in a crash 4 years ago when a Domestic operator of small passenger aircraft to Nepal.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who are Deepak Pokhral and his wife Anju Khatiwada?

However, the news came on Sunday when 44-year-old CO navigator kathiwada crashed from Kathmandu as he was about to arrive in Pokhara with nearly 68 people on board, shocking the deadliest plane accident in the Himalayan country. So far, no one has been located and there were 72 people on that plane.

Nepalese pilot, couple die in plane crash

Speaking of her husband, Deepak pokhral, ​​who breathed his last when his Yeti Airlines plane crashed in Jhumla in 2006. His wife decided to use the money she got from insurance to train after her husband died. She is an excellent pilot, and earlier she flew more than 6,400 hours on the route from the capital Kathmandu to the second largest city, Pokhara.

What happened to Deepak Pokhral and his wife Anju Khatiwada?

As of now no further details have been given to us but the investigation is still ongoing as on Sunday she flew with the pilot as an instructor and she is one of those women who works very hard and she is ever ready to take on any responsibility . We were unable to immediately contact her family at this time, but everyone is doing their best to contact them.

The ATR 72 crashed very badly and there are several videos on social media platforms showing the severity of the crash and the fire. There are many eyewitness accounts and a video has been uploaded on the social media platform. We are doing our best and we will make sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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